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That... kinda works for me.

I once worked for a man named Austin Hencke, who gave orders and later denied doing so.

I'm sure if we'd had the budget he'd have shot me into space.

Lisa Nicoll as Amy

Huh. Interesting surname....

And there are two Lisa Nicolls working in theater, one in the UK and one (the SET one) in the US. Still, we have two unrelated Lisa Hagens working in theater in KW...

You've been self-employed for a long time. Perhaps you haven't the hatred of employers that some others have had cultivated in them.

I've had some bosses that could only be improved by being burned to ash and snorted up any available orifice, both for employee morale and in a few cases as an improvement in their leadership value.

It makes me wonder how much yield per kilogram of boss they get, and if there's a sufficient supply of clueless point-haired bosses that nobody will miss.

I'm assured that your second part of wonderment is answered affirmatively. Assuming 'rejoicing because they haven't been seen for a week' doesn't fall under "missing them", of course.


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