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Gareth Rees's review of By Light Alone

[T]he topic of overpopulation has more than one trap, and I think By Light Alone doesn’t steer clear of them all.

It seems to me this novel shares an idea with Walter Jon Williams "The Green Leopard Plague". Hmmm. And also the Robinsons' Stardance books, which were using an idea from Varley (the latter two moved the idea to SPACE! or given the arrow of time, AR and WJW moved it to Earth).

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I suspect western SF writers rarely talk about implications on Stage Five demographic transition because basic requirement of western fiction is conflict, or at least problem to solve, and likely problems of Stage Five population are the kind with slow and undramatic solutions.

IOW, it makes stories difficult to write. Japanese fiction seems to be less wedded to conflict, hence it handles demographic transition more easily.

I note that varley and Robinson are friends, and often one or the other of them seems to be writing in response to the other (not that there's anything wrong with that).

In this case I believe Robinson credited Varley for the idea.

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