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I did find three on the Radio Program Revival podcast:


They used to be available on Audible, but only RUR is the only one now.

Here's another: Tomorrow, Tomorrow And Tomorrow by Kurt Vonnegut (linked from here)

One more: this pay site claims to have 28 episodes. Their credit system is $5 per gigabyte, or $20 for 5 gigabytes. Their EULA mentions penalties: "Any files identified as from our collection found on newsgroups, BitTorrents, Forums, or hubs will be grounds for immediate suspension of access to The Collection, forfeiture of any remaining credit balance, and zero balance applied to the subscriber account."

The total of all 28 episodes is about half a gigabyte, so even with overhead $5 should be sufficient to download them all. But FTP is required.

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In flipping through pages on archive.org, I don't see anywhere that the shows could be downloaded. They offered CDs and cassettes from Audible.com, which makes sense given this was in 2000. The one RealPlayer preview of an episode called "Knock" isn't available anymore.

If you're interested, here's the link for the old home page of the show:


You might want to check links within this NPR set-up:


They seem to have folded 2000X into the NPR Playhouse series: PLAYHOUSE III: Sci fi / Mystery / Adventure.

In any case, whatever it was / is called, it never broadcast here on the public radio stations. Stations kinda pick and choose what they want to carry in their own localities. WNYC, for instance, tends to run other kinds of 'fiction' series, including reading series by writers of their own works from programs hosted in theaters and other venues.

Love, C.

I've generally been pleased by NPR-related SF radio shows, fwiw.

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