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Alien Worlds: The Himalayan Parallel
The Himalayan Parallel

Maura, Jon, Buddy and some idiot with a ray gun are sent to exotic Tibet to investigate an alien space craft spotted landing there. Their route takes them through India (which we don't see much of, although Buddy gives the impression of being one of those tourists who thinks he is hilarious) and into Tibet.

Accompanied by an enlightened local (borrowed from the "High Lama", I think), they survive the dangers of the Himalayas by the unusual method of actually listening to their guide. The space craft turns out to be very small, not something that would have transported anything living.

A Yeti shows up to investigate the craft, which the Yeti has no trouble opening. The humans chase the Yeti off and snoop around in the craft; it is filled with tools and spare parts.

The next day they track down the Yeti and due to a minor error of judgment, the idiot with the gun celebrates his civil liberties by gunning the harmless alien down. Happily, the wound is not immediately lethal so the alien is able to explain how and his mate were marooned on Earth centuries ago and how they extended their lives with cold sleep so that one day their children, still on ice, could one day return to their own world.

The idiot with a gun feels just bad about killing a harmless alien but eh, these things happen and in his defense, the alien greeting howl was easy to misinterpret.

Although the ISA has super-ultra-zippy fast FTL and although Jon and Buddy seem to know where the alien homeworld is, Buddy and Jon make sure the ancient alien craft is probably capable of making the journey and then sent it and its infant cargo off back to the alien homeworld.

Maura turns to admire Buddhism in a vague late 1970s pop-sci way, which is at least better than Buddy's snickering at how different from him the Indians were.

I believe this is the final episode that aired.

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I believe this is the final episode that aired.

The cancellation of this series was truly a crime against art.

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On the bright side, they managed to pack not much plot into only one episode this time.

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