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The Amazing Daphne seems to flirt with everyone without ever quite carrying through. There's one bit where she assures Jon she has tattoos everywhere* down to the soles of her feet and to prove it, she takes off her shoes. Really, if there's one place shows should be able to get away with casual nudity, it's radio.

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Didn't Somtow Sucharitkul have a series of stories based on a circus-world planet of hats?

...Or am I confusing him with some other author published in Asimov's?

I think you have him confused with Barry Longyear.

Oh, yeah. I must have been confusing it with Mallworld. ::shame::

Was The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (AKA that Tom Baker Who serial with the scary clowns) set on a circus world, or was it just one of those "completely empty save for this one building" worlds where the one building was a circus?

You know, I don't remember that one at all....

Wasn't that Sylvester McCoy?
This means I can't answer your question as I pretty much skipped his entire tenure (generally watching virtually no television at the time, and the one scene I caught in passing involved a man made out of sweets, which didn't tempt me to make an exception for Who)

Appears to be the latter, based on the Wikipedia synopsis.

I was a bit surprised to see Buddy actually has a girlfriend but his awkward, heavy-handed and self-conscious flirting with her seemed terribly plausible.

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