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Alien Worlds: The Kilohertz War
The Kilohertz War

We finally find out why it is even though Maura has expressed deep reservations with using the SET team Buddy is on [1] that's the team the ISA turns to and this is because the other ISA teams are even worse.

When a negative space wedgie in the form of an exploding pulsar that sends back all the radio it has received from Earth in the no more than 40-odd years since radio from Earth reached the pulsar, the resulting spike in radio noise kills communication system wide and leaves one ISA officer with the impression the aliens who are borrowing Mars for their wargames have launched an attack on Earth.

A tragic and unnecessary confrontation follows, during which the humans are curb-stomped again by aliens (this time ones who are said to be exceptionally peaceful). In the aftermath, the idiot officer discovers it was all for nothing, which makes him feel pretty bad.

Tragically, it turns out among the radio shows showered down on the solar system was this one, which is why the idiot got the impression he did.

This was told in one episode and did not drag as badly as the other stories have.

1: Granted, her main problem with Buddy, that he accidentally evaporated her father, was cleared up when Jon comforted her by explaining her dad got killed because he had a shitty field technique and everyone lied, letting Buddy take the rap, because they didn't want the old dude's inexplicable reputation besmirched. Interestingly, this version of events has never been verified, not even by Buddy.

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