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Ford's last hurrah?
Ford to leave council meetings forever as he entered the world, screaming and gesturing?

In what could be his last council meeting as Toronto's mayor, Rob Ford got into a shouting match with councillor Adam Vaughan over developer fees on Thursday.

But there is a surprising twist

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was cleared today to run again for mayor in a byelection, should one be held ahead of the 2014 municipal election.

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Need there be a sequel for everything? You just know Goofy Mayor 2 will be worse than the original.

Being cleared to run during the byelection explains the apology the other day. And never underestimate the "liberal conspiracy" loons coming out in force and electing him again.

Though, even after reading the article, I can't understand how he could possibly be mayor again, given the result of the judgment was to get him out of office due to his misuse of the position.

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