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If I stick to the public domain Federation timeline novels and listen to them in internal order, it would be Four Day Planet, Uller Uprising, Little Fuzzy, Cosmic Computer, and Space Viking? I feel like I forgot one...

They aren't novels, but there's Edge of the Knife and Oomphel in the Sky.

why do all SF authors hate democracy?

Did a quick read of "A slave is a slave" this morning. Unpleasant. Was Piper intentionally parroting The Lost Cause or was this some unthinking reflex given his date of birth and the milieu in which he lived?


Re: why do all SF authors hate democracy?

>Not keen on listening to "A Slave is a Slave", which quite frankly was garbage when first published and won't have improved.
I've read it for the first time in 1995 while last remnants of Soviet lifestyle went crumbling around me. It was suprisingly relevant.

Just got an acknowledgement e-mail from the Spark office today. We'll see where and how it goes from there...

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