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Question for the Americans
Under current US law, can djinn marry humans?

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One would imagine djinn are better able to give consent than cats?

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Didn't you ask this before?

The answer is generally no, because only humans have rights to marry. (There was a recent attempt to get a marriage license between a human and a corporation, which passed the first round but got invalidated as soon as the publicity got out.)

If a court rules that a djinn is human, or entitled to the same rights as a human, then it gets to be a more interesting question, due to the bigots in many states.

It came up before when I asked if Jeanie on I Dream of Jeanie had been a Muslim.

Probably not -- different species.

And yeah, I think you asked this before. Or maybe that was the *other* james_nicoll. . .

This would be a matter of state rather than federal law, so probably only in Mississippi.

Was mississippi the state that passed the marriage laws that inadvertantly allowed human/parrot marriage but not mute/non-mute marraige because it had "talking" as a criteria?

The bigger issue to my mind is whether or not Djinnis can exist in the US given the 18th Amendment, which would effectively make the central contract inbuilt to the whole Lamp dynamic null and void and thus release any djinn that were so bound the moment they entered american territory.

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I am unaware of any US law that would allow a djinn to conduct a marriage, no matter who prospective spouses are.

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I've just sent a link to this to the Law and the Multiverse guys, and hope that they may also look at the Lane / Kent marriage and other non-human relationships etc.

That example was actually brought up in one issue of a comic years back. Abigail Arcane was arrested by an overzealous prosecutor in Metropolis for having sex with a non-human, in her case, Swamp Thing, pissing off Swamp Thing, who as a plant elemental, proceeded to go apeshit on the city looking for her. Batman was able to defuse the situation and get her released by pointing out to the authorities that if they went after Abigail, they had to go after Lois Lane who was widely assumed (before her marriage to Clark Kent) to probably be involved with Superman, also a non-human.

A djinn who could assume human form could get through the marriage just by not mentioning that they're a djinn. It's not as if the bureaucrat who issues the license is going to run a djinn-test. I suppose having a church wedding could be problematic for certain types of supernatural beings, but secular marriage shouldn't be a problem.

Should the djinn's non-human status later be uncovered, I expect it'd make a divorce easier if the human partner wanted one. Good luck getting a judge to believe that your spouse is a djinn if the djinn wants to maintain the façade, though.

If some third party wants to break up a happy djinn-human marriage, I can't imagine that being an easy process.

Yeah, this is exactly what I was thinking. Where can an elephant sit? Anywhere it wants to.

A djinn cannot marry anyone except a fvermouth or a tjonnic.

I'd like to think that if you demonstrate human-level intelligence and the ability to understand the concept of informed consent among other concepts, we'd allow for "djinn = close enough to human to have all the same rights and responsibilities".

If a djinn and a human can have a child, then by definition djinn are humans. Granted, with extraordinary powers and weird attributes, but a species is a species.

Are the djinn/human children fertile?

I'm tempted to ask the same question about Time Lords and humans (River Song clearly not counting as a human).

As a child of humans, whatever additional abilities the circumstances of her conception and birth granted her notwithstanding, she remains part of the human family tree.

Sure they can. But first they have to get that fiance/e green card, which is a multi-hoop jump process and very expensive and takes a long time.

Love, C.

Naw, that's only if they want to live and work here. Living is hard, weddings are (relatively) easy.

I recommend Vegas or maybe Provincetown.

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Leave it to the Doctors of the Church to spoil all our fun.

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