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They should make it clear they mean a star like GL 581 because otherwise some SF writer is going to read this paper and not only use it as the basis of a very badly thought-out panspermia book in which protosimians were blasted across interstellar space 65 million ago, they will also think Alpha Centauri has been nailed in place 4 LY from us for the last four billion years. I'm only protecting the genre here.

Do you really think that the kind of author who would make that kind of mistake would read deeply enough to avoid it even if the authors put a flashing, scrolling banner in the abstract?

I'm thinking of Dan Simmons putting Epsilon Indi and Epsilon Eridani about a half light-year from each other in one of the Endymion books on the basis of some list of the nearest stars' distance from Sol.

Hey, they're both in the Epsilon system, right?

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