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It's unfair to judge books unread
But this

a deeply dark and disconcertingly dire peek into a future where the end of the apocalypse never comes.

leads me to suspect Brian Francis Slattery’s latest novel Lost Everything is concentrated essence of stuff I don't want to read. But that's not surprising because Slattery’s novel Liberation was also concentrated essence of stuff I don't want to read.

What actually caught my eye was this

It also harkens back to the Great Depression when America came closer to doom than most people realize. We weren’t just balancing on a razor’s edge, we were already halfway over. And it took an even greater catastrophe — WWII — to spare us.

What's Brown talking about here?


And yet here we stand on another precipice, this one spanning climate change and economic disaster. Will it take another war to pull us out of the depths or will it push us under even further?

War against who, exactly?

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The board game Civilization. Playing Civil Disorder and Iconoclasm & Heresy generally assured two things; the player it happened to would not win and the player who caused it to happen would not win because the player it happened to would devote the rest of the gaming to harassing the player who caused it to happen.

I actually have the regular and advanced version sitting on my book case. I never was able to get a group of people together to play it.

This is worthwhile. Do budget a large block of time, though; it's not a quick game.

I just don't enough friends who are gamer enough to play the game. I did my university at night school while I worked so I never developed the gamer friends at university though we did have a D&D group in our IT department.

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