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That said
This will get more attention than the award winners, I'm guessing.

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From what I saw/read it seemed that Meaney's speech was a) not funny enough to overcome its use of various stereotypes, b) not meant to offend just rib but c) come just at a time when fandom is sensitive and concerned about gender inbalance and sexism anyway, so not in a mood to put up with jokes best left to seventies standups in a working men's club.

This. It's a pity James is not giving as much publicity to how just mindboggingly awesome this convention was in terms of gender balance, fostering discussion, trying their damnest to provide a safe space, and general inclusion. I have seen more non-white faces at this convention than ever before in British fandom ever.
This is why people got so upset: in another environment, it would have seemed depressingly business as usual, but we had all been primed by the Paul Cornell effect.

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