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Shoshana Kessock's Wonder Woman Comics and the Violation of the Amazons

Welcome to the Amazon culture, newly rewritten to include rape, murder and slavery.

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Not the same thing at all. (On top of MLP and BSSM being outliers.)

My Little Ponies seated *itself* at the kids table, and attention from the adults table is gravy. Comics have been trying to pry themselves out of that perceptual ghetto for decades - for them, the adult fan is the mainstay and younger adults (not YA) the base they seek to woo.

Looking at the most recent Bookscan bestseller list for graphic novels, Sailor Moon doesn't appear to be an outlier at all. Of the top twenty, only five are what I'd consider darker & edgier titles, and four of those are in the Walking Dead series, which, you may've noticed, is receiving a boost from the new season starting. The rest is dominated by Sailor Moon, Naruto, Negima, Bakuman, etc, with a handful of American titles that aren't in the darker & edgier camp either.

As for Ponies, everything I've read says Lauren Faust intended to make a more mature show that could attract adult viewers, where mature =/= rape and murder.

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