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Shoshana Kessock's Wonder Woman Comics and the Violation of the Amazons

Welcome to the Amazon culture, newly rewritten to include rape, murder and slavery.

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Comic book fans - they want everything to change, yet they want nothing to change. And don't you dare touch the character's Golden Age except to fix the parts that sucked about it, or were illogical, or were plot holes... except of course for the suck, illogic, and plot holes that defined the Golden Age. Don't touch those!

Yeah, it couldn't be that people are upset that the new origin story has Wonder Woman the unwitting representative of a bunch of nasties, and she was apparently too clueless to notice for her entire life. Or in general that the DC reboot seems to be bringing back the more annoying elements of the "Extreeeemeeeee '90s!!!!!"

I'm not a comic book fan of any sort, yet I'm disappointed with this change. ANY character being remade into a representative of a rapist/murder culture saddens me, but especially since Wonder Woman was one of a small handful of strong women in what is regarded as an already ridiculously misogynistic genre.

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