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Wednesday Night Icons: Goodbye to school (for now)
Our gaming group is embarking on an enterprise about which I can say nothing - even that much might require the plumbers to sent out after everyone who read this. Accordingly no Wednesday night gaming posts for a while.

As the lights came up, the students at Hope Prep, foremost training ground for the future superpowered soldiers of the Chronal Empire, were having their power-suppressors removed so the kids could practice killing people.

Mr. Able, the second-most powerful mage in the world, still exists in this version of history and he shows up to pull Glimm, Sari, Rumpspringa, Hari and Neil out of class. Almost immediately after this, the school goes into lockdown; it's obvious Able is up to Something. He delivers the kids to the same place they fought the slugs in the old history, a place his second sight has told him they need to be, and then he rushes off to distract the guards, probably dying in the process.

A ghostly figure appears and restores everyone's memories of the original history, while leaving memories of growing up in a horrible dystopia in place as well. Thanks oodles.

Tempus Khan apparently managed to take over the entire world in the 1970s and has it under his ruthless little thumb. Threats are not tolerated if they cannot be broken to his rule; Pryde Prep's only visit from this history involved a nuclear device, presumably of a large enough yield to make sure nobody from that universe would ever pop over here. The shadowy figures gives the groop their marking orders: get to Tempus' fortress, break his chronal stablizers.

[notes unclear] I think the group was all teleported to the abandoned Shepherd subway station. This has been retrofitted into a poorly marked station for a global transport network. The interesting thing is that the signs are all in Hari's native tongue.

Robots attack. Robots get smashed or subverted. The kids borrow a global transport vehicle and plummet through the evacuated tube to the distant fortress. When they get close, Hari sees that there are guards at the far end so to provide a distraction, he TKs the pistol of the guard at the back of the pack and shoots one of the guards at the front. Turns out there's no stun setting. This allows the kids to surprise and overpower the remainign guards.

Although a surprising amount of his head is missing, the shot guard is still technically alive. Everyone chews out Hari, who strokes his goatee thoughtfully and then points none of this matters, as the entire history will vanish if the group is successful and the group will be dead or worse if they fail. He then advises the figure on the ground to think of it as an origin. For some reason the other kids react very badly to this.

The door to the fortress proper is locked and mostly shielded from Hari's abilities but there's a shipment due in and the kids decide to sneak inside that. The guards are sent away to Toronto. The delivery guys realize the kids are ringers but doing anything about it is not their job and initiative is punished in this world so they leave the kids to the terrible fate that no doubt awaits them.

All the robot tech is Kumarinadu tech and it seems to be from 3000 AD. There's a Kumarinaduan techie in the robot workshop: in terms of raw power he's better than Hari.

Once inside, Hari ESPs the layout. There are four Hope Prep kids on guard duty: Serena (witch), Jade (plasma powers), Paul (Son of Satan) and Driver (who has a healing hand and one that has the powers of the Wrath of God). As a distraction, Hari subverts one of the robots and sends it on a rampage through the nearby cafeteria full of crunchers and bleeders. The four superkids on guard do nothing.

During the fight that follows, Hari mesmerizes Jade with light, Sari lops off Driver's Wrath of God hand, something nobody complains about (except Hari, to complain that nobody complains). The Wrath of God is then used on Paul, Son of Satan, as a sort of theological experiment. I think it had an effect but Glimm still had to pound on him.

After the fight, Rumspringa used, and I quote from my notes, the Power of Love to restore memories of the orginal timeline to Paul.

Tempus Khan and Serpent Sphinx are the boss fight, holed up in the very room where the chronal stabilizers are. Tempus delivers some useful exposition: it turns out the kids defeated him back in the 1940s (presumably in some time travel to come) and he since made sure he was completely immune to any weapons they might bring to bear. On the off chance this is specific to Glimm, Sari, Rumpspringa, and Hari, the kids press Driver's hand to Tempus. He's immune. Asshat.

Neil, being the non-powered one, is given the job of breaking the machinery while the rest keep the two adults busy.

Hari gets a side adventure of his own when he teleports to the workshop to grab some tools. The techie demonstrates that his TK is far more powerful than Hari's. Hari demonstrates the corrupting effects of this timeline by casually teleporting something heavy into the tech's brain, an ability Hari showed off waaaay back in the very first session.

The key turns out to get robots and villains to take shots at people standing in front of delicate chronal stabilizes. There is a bright white light.

When the kids can see again, it's 1940 and a much younger Tempus is beginning a villainous rant. Having had the battle described to them in some detail, curb stomping Tempus is the work of a panel. Although Hari seriously considers ending Tempus right there and then, his goatee is quickly fading from continuity and so Tempus is spared.

I assume the kids all got home somehow. Worst comes to worst, Hari could stick them all in the no-time universe, with a note to decant them when 2012 rolls around.

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Dr. Bailey was the one that the secret police were after at the beginning of the episode, though the police did pause to investigigate Mr. Able, the known underground sympathizer.

He was also the one who came to get them at the end, because we established in an earlier session that he had a time machine.

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