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Of course it is on youtube.
Interesting attitude regarding orbital overflights....

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I'm more interested in the fellow smoking in the computer room. Even with vacuum tubes that wouldn't have been a great idea.

A BBC report on Prospero, the only British satellite ever launched on a British-built booster has a picture from the late 60s of the clean room where the satellite was being assembled and tested. There is a big "No Smoking" sign on the wall.

That launcher was way cool, using concentrated hydrogen peroxide as the oxidizer. Notice how dim the exhaust gas is?

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From what I've read and listened to about that era, this issue was very much less clear-cut than it is now, although by the time this show as made, the issue was being settled. If the PBS Nova special I saw was correct, Eisenhower specifically allowed the USSR to get Sputnik up before any US satellites, so as to set a precident that would keep the Soviets from being able to object too much to the idea of US satellites overflying the USSR, specifically because Eisenhower wanted spy satellites.

They found A For Andromeda??!!!! I thought it had famously been lost forever, decades ago! This is great news.

Apparently, this is the only surviving episode. According to Wikipedia, it was re-discovered in 2005.

It was on too late for me. My parents let me stay up for only one episode (but gave me precis of the other episodes).

Peter Halliday, who played Fleming, the smoking scientist at the end of the clip, died just a few weeks ago.

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