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Emily Lakdawalla's "What's up in the solar system in April 2012"
So, what highlights do we have to look forward to in April 2012? The Cassini Saturn orbiter is in the middle of a busy stretch of several orbits that take it close by Saturn's icy moons, offering lots of opportunities for great images, which get posted (as always) to JPL's Cassini Raw Images website almost as soon as they arrive on Earth. It's Mars' southern winter solstice today, so Opportunity's power levels are beginning to pick up again. Ebb and Flow are in the full swing of science operations at the Moon, and will be streaming thousands of MoonKAM photos to Earth over the coming months. And MESSENGER will shortly start lowering its orbit at Mercury.

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Not quite in traffic-jam territory yet, but looking forward to seeing more stuff as it launches!

James, have you seen this already?

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