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Wednesday Night Icons: "So many fishies left in the sea, but no-one for me"
Well, no one for Hari.

We're up to February 2.

On the way back from eating out, Kari, Rumpsringa and Glimm see a cluster of dancing lampposts, which might have struck them as odd if only any of them knew what normal was for Toronto. A woman in a domino-mask and a man whose costume I didn't note were in the middle of breaking up - the man stormed off at the end of the argument.

The man looked vaguely familiar. Glimm remembered seeing his face in Supervillains of Note class and with some thought placed him as Harlequin but not before Harlequin vanished. Harlequin can animate inanimate objects and he's got an impressive level of regeneration. Also, he's at least eccentric and probably violently insane.

The woman explains that she was Carolyn McCain - related to the French Fry McCains - and claims to be a transfer student to the school before changing her mind and claiming to be a substitute gym teacher. This seems to be unlikely to be true but there are any number of arguments in favour of giving McCain access to the school, from it being easier to protect her from her demented ex to the school representing a concentration of the sort of resources that would be necessary to bring to bear if it turned out McCain was herself a supervillain.

While the kids are introducing McCain to Moon Maiden, the usual gym teacher, a mist begins to filter down from the ceiling of the gym. Moon Maiden immediately began making inappropriate goo goo eyes at Glimm; round two of Fun with Pheromones is beginning. Hari is painfully familiar with the pheromone and pops up a force field permiable only to O2 around himself. Rumspringa decides dilution is the solutions and does her best to use use wings to spread the pheromone as thinly as possible, contaminating much of the school.

Hari does what the kids are supposed to do during biochemical attacks and pulls the biochemical attach alarm, which does what all the alarms seem to: the school is locked down and the Kill Bots are released. This time the only person in the school without an ID tag is McCain but happily she turns out to be fast and invulnerable. She's also a known supervillain, Harlequin's on and off again girflfriend.

Glimm and Serena are still technically dating because he's been careful never to let her talk to him long enough to dump him, a strategy that shouldn't work but does. Serena turns out to be one of the pheromone victims. I am sad to say Glimm did not immediately spurn her advances on the grounds she is not in her right mind but accepted a study date with her. Didn't matter because Serena's dad is very cool on his daughter dating outside her phylum and he forbade her from seeing Glimm. I can see no way in which classifying Glimm as forbidden fruit could end badly.

On the way back to school, Glimm notices he is being followed by an animated picket fence.

Neil is smitten with Sari. Interestingly even though he has no hope of winning her over and knows it, this is still a personal high point for him.

Lenore is smitten with Rumspringa; her comments to Rumspringa become increasingly pointed but of course Rumspringa is monumentally clueless when it comes to innuendo. Hari is briefly intrigued but then it turns out he's not invited. Also, it would be wrong to take advantage of Lenore.

Rumspringa works out how to use her Life Drain on emotions, stunting people's emotional responses until they can no longer act on their infatuations.

(Eventually the kids work out Lorn spread the pheromone as a way to give himself plausible deniability when he hit on Sari; if she didn't like him back he could claim he was not in his right mind)

Sari's bofriend Tyrone learns that the guy who wants to kill Tyrone to steal his powers managed to fake his way out of jail with a toy gun. The cops want to keep an eye on Tyrone (his hunted is a norm, so it's safe for the cops to get involved). Sari is quite cool on this as her experiences with cops in Rio back when she was a street kid were not positive but eventually she goes along with it.

Most of the staff are infatuated with McCain and she uses this to convince them all to don roller blades for reasons I did not note. An unfortunate janitor objects and is beaten by McCain and stuffed into a closet; happily he only has a minor concussion. Apparently there is a down side to letting an unreformed wacky villain hang around.

As what I am guessing is part of their usual pattern, Harleguin sends McCain a letter apologizing for the argument, a letter accompanied by a human heart. This is not quite as grim as it seems because it is Harlequin's own heart and merely losing major organs cannot kill him permanently. It is also not effective because McCain has a whole collection of Harlequin's hearts and has become jaded about that partiocular gesture.

(The school's resident mage takes the heart. Could be useful as a spell component)

Harlequin is not particularly trying to hide as he spies on the school where McCain is hiding out and so it's easy enough for Hari to use ESP to locate Harlequin's hiding place. Taking Harlequin by surprise turns out to be a lot harder and he manages to animate a surprising number of objects (happily, he didn't think of animating the kids' clothes until the end of the fight). Despite a pretty effective effort on Harlequin's part, the kids eventually manage to take him down. He is handed over to the cops, who will no doubt put him in the next cell he escapes from [1].

The kids have a discussion of all the legitimate purposes Harlequin could put his talents in service of but he's a nutter and he won't.

Rumspringa and Hari drop in on Lenore, who is cured of her infatuation. She and Hari watch a DVD together but I'm getting doomy vibes for that relationship; I cannot imagine her getting humilated in front of Hari will help any.
1: Having played a character with a serious level of regen and a high pain threshhold, regen is effectively a form of shape shifting.

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Alas, Harlequin's removed organs have a habit of taking over people who get them. He caused three origins before he stopped giving blood.

Rumspringa decides dilution is the solutions and does her best to use use wings to spread the pheromone as thinly as possible, contaminating much of the school.

Because spraying pheromones over a swarm of horny teenagers cannot possibly have any surprising effects.

...Serena's dad is very cool on his daughter dating outside her phylum...

This is covered in very few parenting handbooks in our universe, yet I find it hard to formulate any argument against the father's position.

To quote the VP when the kids expressed concern: "You might notice it with the teachers, but if it hits the kids, these are teenagers. How would you know?"

I find the idea of parenting books in this milieu strangely fascinating. I would love to compare the manuals from the following authors:

  • A conservative, maybe a little more rabid than Ann Coulter
  • A Dear Abby equivalent
  • A devoted Christian moralist
  • A hypothetical "all intelligences are equal" thinker
  • A hyperintelligent gorilla, for other members of Gorilla Citystate

Edited at 2012-03-23 04:58 pm (UTC)

Now that I've read your list, I believe one of the first three should also be a talking gorilla. Any of them could get employment as a school counselor. It's not as if the kids relate to an adult's point of view anyway, so you're not losing anything if the adult is an extraterrestrial lizard or something.

Y'know, I kind of like the idea of a Very Conservative Talking Gorilla.

Maybe he could have his own radio show...and podcasts.

This stuff is so much fun to read.

Oh yes.

Incidentally was Hari's force shield also permeable to CO2, James?

I assumed that Hari's force field could pass anything under the size of about three atoms. (Because water vapor had to get out, too.)

Which means that nitrous oxide would have gotten him, if someone had been after him. Generally, he's only targeted once the combat has started.

Makes sense!

I had this image of Hari gradually starting to hyperventilate for no obvious reason.

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