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The funny thing about people who repeat that Heinlein phrase about how "there is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want" is that the character who says it is living in a penal colony, while I've never heard anyone repeating it on the Internet who'd served time for tax evasion.

I also notice that Hoyt's willing to spend several paragraphs on how the "War on Women" isn't an actual war, while she uses the word "tyranny" (and not just any tyranny, but "no worse tyranny") to describe employers who promise to provide health insurance to their employees actually having to do so. Having to provide comprehensive health insurance is worse than Auschwitz and the Gulag!

In fact, the beginning of her post essentially reads, "War isn't just a metaphor some people use! War is a metaphor I use!"

Women have the right to be sole deciders on abortion, and if they decide to keep the child and make the man pay, he pays. (This by the way is a complete reversal of the “penalty” of sex which used to fall mostly on women.)


Meanwhile, real women need someone else to pay for their contraception... like a fish needs a bicycle


Hey, nice avatar - I remember Woot's adventures well. EOI was a fun web comic.

Charming lady, isn't she? And like many of the "Taxes are eviiiiil!!!!" crowd you can bet she's one of the first in line to request government services when she needs them, and when she doesn't need them but can get a freebie.

Good Gawd. This, in alarming opposition to catvalente, and this recent post of hers. (Which I oughta say, although filled with ire and fire, seemed a lot more reasonable to me.)

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<xkcd>So. It has come to this.</xkcd>

More proof of the Onionverse theory, I'm thinking.

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All her framing language, "I normally don’t post politics here" and so forth, gives the impression that she has a vast audience following her every word. Can this possibly be true? Please don't answer, I'd prefer not to loathe humanity until later in the week.

I mean, wow, if she tried to think her way out of a wet paper bag she'd have to be rescued by firemen.

"I mean, wow, if she tried to think her way out of a wet paper bag she'd have to be rescued by firemen."


Error 1: Read the post.

Error 2: Read the comments.

Yeah, just did (2) - I need to go and wash my brain in bleach now.

I had to take two or three stabs at that because the logical circles were a tad tricky to follow...

But then I scrolled down and glanced at the comments. I think I'll walk my dogs for a bit and then lie down in a dark room with a damp towel over my head.

Read the tags. Fear the tags.

I didn't.

Nods. The post was bad enough, and then some.

I didn't want to keep my lunch down anyway today. I actually kind of liked her first book but haven't read any since then. Now I won't for sure.

It's a Monday and I'm feeling depressed anyway, so I went ahead and read the article. I think I'll go back to bed now.

I read the tags, but really, just reading the post subject line was enough for me. I did not click.

I hate to think what you're going to find for 300 (other than, obviously, it should be Frank Miller related.)

Thank you … I think. That was … um … Interesting.

As others have said here, her crowd of sycophantic fans and admirers in the comments that followed were worse than the disease itself and almost enough to have me barfing … or … reaching for the Protective Aluminum Hat … or … something.

I don't think they've been good for her - though they may prove indispensable in the last ditch, when the Sheri S Tepper United Nations Anti-Philandry Airborne Commando drop in from their black ornithopters to avoid her house, criticize her crops, and salt her fields with sarcasm.

(Happens all the time, over here in the People's Dianic Antipontificate of Eurabia. Honestly, I have to sleep with earplugs these days.)

Jesus Christ. Jesus fucking Christ I can't even read that shit for more than a paragraph.

Actually I quite liked it!

Yes, but admit it--all the while, you were thinking to yourself some variation on "I told you so!"

What I liked best is how she keeps going on about how radical and edgy she is ("tipping sacred cows" and giving both middle fingers). What a rebel, she's here to tear shit up!

There is something in the vernal equinoxian air, I believe. Some dude on twitter said women were the "new bigots" because white racism that leads to an immediate fear of blacks is the exact same thing as women who act with caution around strange men in unfamiliar surroundings.

On the local newspaper forums, a wingnutty man insisted that he had the goal of pissing off one person every day, related in a style very reminiscent of Hoyt's "I still prefer to stand by the side of the road holding both middle fingers up" comment.

In short, this was indeed a very special MPR, yet sadly not an isolated incident.

On reflection, it appears I missed the real fun by not reading the comments. Personally, I thought being scolded for being embarrassed by my vagina had to be the high point. Can't wait to see how the commenters can possibly top that.

time passes, woodooly woodooly music plays and the screen goes wibbly

Hmm. Seems like the usual morons who don't understand medical issues, who bitch incessantly and then claim it's not bitching at all, and goobers who say "post proof or retract" despite being given a series of links and solid, verifiable information.

The guy worried about interacting with "modern women efficiently and at low cost" was pretty hilarious, though. I posted a reply, let's see if Hoyt allows it through moderation. My guess is no, no she will not.

"...you’re absolutely right that a black list exists. In defense of the people perpetrating it, though, they don’t THINK it’s a black list. Instead they think people are “difficult” or “irrational.” The rejections on Darkship Thieves over thirteen years accused my future history of being “irrational”.

My not wanting to talk about politics is articulated in the post today. It’s not so much a fear of what will happen to my career — after yesterday’s post, I assume it’s dead, except for Baen and indie efforts, but then again I’m counting on Indie efforts to support me, so blah.

It is a well-known fact that Elizabeth Bear and Elizabeth Moon are starving in the streets.

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And don't me started on poor Orson Scott Card's plight.

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Just as a point of reference: Yes, Hoyt is deleting and not approving comments.

I rail pretty regularly about a handful of SF/F personalities online who specifically cultivate regulars on their blogs and twitters to give them verbal fellatio or, sometimes, to enlist these regulars in a virtual army sent out to attack someone who disagrees with them. I don't know if Sarah Hoyt has done the latter, but she's guilty of the former -- it's probably the best example out there, at least that I've seen thus far. It's so good, it replaces the Neil Gaiman Twitter idiocy as my go-to example.


As in "She unleashed her minions on the lowly fool who dared to speak against her."

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