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Ralph McQuarrie, 1929–2012

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That's a damned shame.

Well damn. Covers are going to be more boring from now on.

Much of what people actually loved about the original Star Wars trilogy was down to the way it looked, and much of the look came from Ralph McQuarrie.

I think part of the reason the prequels didn't capture the popular imagination in quite the same way was that they didn't have the McQuarrie look (though Revenge of the Sith intentionally converged on it as it went on).

And, as is typical, Wikipedia spends about four times as much space on his work on Star Wars as it does anything else.

...though I think my personally favorite work of his was his illustrations for Isaac Asimov's Robot Dreams.

I used to spend almost as much time reading the books as staring at his covers. Well, I read fast.

A huge loss, after such a brilliant career.

What a shame. Nobody lives forever but damn, it'd be nice if some folk did. Love his work.

Also, that is an amazing Ringworld illustration, and I hadn't seen it before now (probably because I'm not an RPGer).

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