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Fear the coming Canadian Hegemony
PEACE! ORDER! GOOD GOVERNMENT and currency unions with smaller nations

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You've got some feed stuff in the link that in my case Firefox objects to; perhaps this (Iceland eyes loonie, Canada ready to talk) is better?

Probably not a bad move for them, unless they still want to join the EU, because then they'll have to have the Euro under the terms of the Maastricht Treaty. Maybe that'll look like a better option in a few years.

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On the other hand, the problem could also be solved by Canada joining the EU.

My impression is the EU doesn't want us.

Apparently there have been moves toward closer Canada-EU relations and trade, so it could well be that we'll eventually end up with loonies also.

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My suspicion?

You're speaking of CETA. Which has not been greeted with a lot of enthusiasm in certain quarters of Canada.

Given the mess the EU financial people are making right now, I don't think that we want them either.

The *least* malicious explenation Ive found for the.. very suboptimal. policies of the ECB is that when you appoint 14 central bankers from small open economies to the board of the central bank of a large mostly closed economy, you dont magically get policy appropriate to the latter. This is not any consolation, and I mostly just want the lot of them fired.

Not at all, but I'd think you'd ideally only want to change your currency once.

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Agreed. All-in-all it sounds like a win-win for both countries.

I gladly welcome our Canadian overlords, if they be so inclined to annex the Mid-Atlantic US.

I will fight to keep America poutine-free!

Too late, there's poutine right here in River City.

OK, you can get just about anything somewhere in New York; how about you fight for poutine-less-ness and we join Canada?

Why bother, when Harper and co. seem to be working hard to bring Canada in alignment with the US Insane Clown Party?


I think the Insane Clown Posse will be offended as a matter of right to see their brand applied to the US Republican Party.




We have truffles right here in River City.

There's trouble in River City! Trouble with a capital T, that rhymes with P, that stands for Poutine!

The only poutine I've been able to find locally is some fancy-dancy stuff at a fancy-dancy restaurant. It had truffle oil in it.

I'm still waiting to try the real thing.

You may find a lot of objections to that plan from many places in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and upper NY State.

From the article: "In brief remarks to be delivered Saturday in Reykjavik, Canadian ambassador Alan Bones will tell Icelanders that if they truly want the Canadian dollar, Canada is ready to talk."

Just out of curiosity, what could Canada do about it if Iceland went ahead over Canadian objections? I suppose getting actual supplies of Canadian money would be made more difficult, but surely it's not impossible to get some loonies and twoonies from other country's treasuries?

The ambassador's speech got abruptly cancelled when Harper got wind of it, apparently.

Well of course it did. Someone mentions currency union, then someone else mentions merger, and then you've got another province full of people who wouldn't vote for Republicans-Lite, and one just can't have that.


My glorious dreams of the expanding Canadian empire, coming true at last.

Now we need to get a warm-weather protectorate. Like maybe Cuba, after Raul Castro dies. We'd be much better for them than being retaken by the US...

There's always the Turks and Caicos Islands.

-- Steve rather liked the new-to-him idea of having the T&C attached to Nova Scotia to get around the thornier Constitutional problems. Hmm...

Turks and Caicos has been interested in joining us for at least a century. Seems like they've been kept waiting long enough.

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Who was the mayor in Winnipeg at the time?

Although if the Cubans express an honest and freely offered interest, I wouldn't object to negotiations being opened.

I like the way you think!

I can hear the howling now.

So is there any good explanation of why this hasn't happened already? The Conservatives are unwilling to trade a vacation destination ("we can always just buy the good parts anyway") for an increase in brown Caribbean people? The naval obligations are too onerous? Nobody can decide if this is a federal or provincial matter? We want to know!

Nah. The US ignores treaty obligations with us, too.

The thing Cuba really needs is access to US courts, so they have a shot at not becoming a satrapy full of latifundas again. The only way they could possibly do that is statehood.

Iceland has twice the population of PEI; they could make a case for joining Confederation if they wanted to.

-- Graydon

Actually, that's not as crazy an idea as it sounds. But the time to press for the State of Cuba was about 110 years ago, and as they say that ship has sailed.

But one of the possibilities suggested in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War boiled down to "We took Cuba, we've got it, and we're keeping it." In the end, we didn't.

The thing Cuba really needs is access to US courts, so they have a shot at not becoming a satrapy full of latifundas again. The only way they could possibly do that is statehood.

[puts on his genuine Latin American economic historian hat]

Graydon, you are nuts. There are at least three major causal errors in those two sentences, deep ones indicative of a badly flawed worldview.

There's also one piece of word salad that I am sure you meant to mean something, in the hope that some poor sod would ask you for an explanation so you could expound at length. I remember how you used to compress your comments on Usenet beyond the point of opacity for just that purpose. Not playing that.

(Why will Cuba never have the same economy again? Short version: Louisiana and Brazil.)

Seeing as how one of my grandfathers was born in Iceland, I am willing to let them become the next Canadian province if they want as long as they don't allow robo-calls during elections.

Is this really truly any better an idea than the euro? Greece seems now like a lesson in what can happen when you're a sovereign nation that can run a debt but you don't have your own currency.

if I understand correctly, the idea is that Iceland's economy is actually more closely aligned with Canada (raw-material exports) than with Germany (finished-good exports).

I've heard a lot of server farms are moving to Iceland since they (1) are halfway between NA and Europe, (2) have lots of cheap hydro/geothermal power, and (3) have lots of cold air to reduce the cost of cooling.

I was momentarily thrown by the reference to "Mr. Bones." Were we discussing a minstrel show?

Retracing my eyetracks, I learned that Mr. Bones became the Canadian Ambassador to Iceland after he retired from showbiz.

...what sort of tariffs will Canada impose on elf importation?

--Dave, concerned but possibly imaginary citizens wish to know

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