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This is my amazed face: Arc
This appears to be the table of contents for the first issue of New Scientist’s upcoming SF zine Arc

Counting everything:
Total       Male     Female     F/M    F/T
  15        13        2         .15    .13

I think NS is supposedly international but this first issue of its daughter magazine shows a decided British leaning, which may explain the lack of women. As an editor of British origin, Simon Ings can be excused for being unaware of any British female SF authors of note (1), British SF having apparently taken a vow to purge the ranks of the published of women.

If you were going to pick a prominent female SF writer for inclusion in the first issue of your hypothetical SF (in the narrow sense) magazine, who would you pick? To make it more interesting, because it would just be too easy if the impressive number of talented female American SF writers were available, we will limit this to Commonwealth writers only.

1: Atwood is of course quite well known but also Canadian. Also not super-popular amongst the propeller beanie set but her genre creds are impeccable so props to Ings for including her as one of the two women in this issue.

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