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Dear Pixar
You've inexplicably missed the self-pitying murder ballad in this otherwise rich gumbo of stereotypes about my people.

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I thought it was about time that the Scots got eviscerated and Brave looks like it does it quite humorously.

William Wallace's exit wasn't enough for you?

I had no idea that the female children of early medieval scottish nobility had to win an archery contest against possible suitors to gain the right to masturbate.

Re: the more you know

"gain the right to masturbate."

Yes, I actually did laugh out loud when I read this.

I didn't realize you were CGI Scottish.

In retrospect it does explain a lot.

The movie's about Canadians?

Give them a chance would you. They can't fit everything in a trailer.

[*]? (that is, I get the "rich gumbo of stereotypes" but not the "murder ballad")

I think (and of all people I shouldn't really speak for James) that what he meant was that the self pitying murder ballad is the one stereotype the movie overlooked.

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A movie about arming your women. Excellent!

That's how you can tell when women aren't mere chattel anymore; they can shoot back.

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Oh, James, don't you know cultural appropriation's not a problem if it's appropriating the culture of people who would count as "white" in the contemporary US ?

We are Hollywood. Resistance is futile. Your cultural uniqueness will be assimilated and its stereotypical elements used for cheap laughs.

Looks like a good movie! I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Saw the trailer before "The Secret World of Arrietty" on Saturday. I was teasing my (Scottish) mum about this being Pixar's first foreign-language film.

So, Pixar's finally stepping up to the plate and proving they can make a generic Disney movie. Huzzah.

No, Up! was that. Complete with talking animal sidekicks.

And now, we can pronounce Pixar officially dead, it's zombie corpse re-animated with Disney stereotypes.

I don't see how.

I hated Cars 2, but... just the idea of Toy Story 3 convinced me they'd been disneyfied past death. And then I saw it, and thought it was one of their best movies to date.

So there's still life in there, I think. And I'll wait to see how this one is. (Well, I'll see how the reviews are before I see it; they have fallen that much.)

C'mon. The only self-inflicted injury in the entire trailer is a tiny scratch on the cheek. I thought that the Nicoll's didn't even remark on a self-inflicted injury unless it would have made the papers in any other family.

Have I ever shared the family sharp-shooting story? Of course, I grew up in a house with fire arms but our guns were a four ten shotgun and a twenty two carbine (the second of which is what killed my hearing). My father borrowed someone's thirty thirty, and we had a lot of fun plinking at cans.

There was a bit of annoyance at the beginning when the tin can on a string didn't move. Bill thought the sights were out so he sent someone - not family, but I cannot remember which of two plausible victims it was - down to check the can. That person takes a close look at the can and discovers it is being hit. It's just for some reason there's almost no momentum transfer as the bullet passes through.

This person then makes the mistake of holding the can up and yelling that Bill has hit it every time. Bill cheerfully acknowledges this by taking a snap shot at the tin can, still being held above our visitor's head. Perfect shot, can goes flying as the person holding it flinches.

What makes this even funnier is A: my father's eyesight was terrible and he never wore glasses (even to drive: this was exactly as much fun as you may expect) and B: even by the standards of the Celts, he was a hard-drinking man so there's very little chance he was sober when he took that shot.

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Stuff like the "I forbid it! I forbid it! I forbid it!" sequence makes me feel awkward and embarrassed for the characters.

Indeed. Successful leaders know that one never gives an order in public that you know will be disobeyed, as it undermines your authority. Is the mother supposed to be a lousy queen?

I try not to judge a Movie by it's trailers, or scenes shown out of context because
a) they are usually made/selected by PR people who are not only in a different department to the people who made the movie, but often in a different company, in a different country...
b) the first trailers for the live action version of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" did a lot of hiding how bad it was.

There are rumors of an alternate fan-made (or possibly foreign) trailer for A Princess John Carter of Mars that represents the story much better than the official U.S. trailer.


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