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It secretly makes me happy that you chose the girl with the LL name. I threw a couple of alliterative names in memory of Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lori Lemaris, Vicki Vale, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, and so on.

Also, I notice that the longer you make these recaps, the fewer people comment. (Today being American Thanksgiving, I'm sure that's not a fair comment, but I'll make it anyway.)

By the way, as GM for these, I like a nice, complete write-up. And I find them funny and fun to read. Of course, I was there, so my opinion is biased.

I see we've run into one of the problems of having one of the deaf guys record the session.

Hari is convinced the Juvies didn't take the missing book. The imp did. His proof is he didn't see anything in the library and the imp could turn invisible.

Frankly, three of four 14-year-olds getting a date is pretty amazing as it is.

Yeah, but at least one [1] of the pairs is going to end badly: Serena doesn't really want to go to the dance with Glimm, plus there's the whole super strong + clumsy time bomb ticking away. God help Serena if Glimm tries to give her a goodnight kiss.

1: Maybe two. Depends on how Lenore takes to the realities of dating a stalker.

They're 14. They're dating. I expect that all three of the relationships will end badly It's extremely unlikely that the relationships will survive the next four years and beyond. (Though--with a nod to Ian--it can happen.)

Hmmm. Though someone might also want the relationship to succeed because he or she wants to be protected from the buffeting storm that is dating... Have to think about that.

(Me? I think I had three dates, late in high school, and girls asked me out each time. It wasn't until university that I started to really wade in the pool of romance.)

In retrospect, I think I might have been dating someone in high school or at least I now wonder if that's what she thought was happening. What makes it worse is I don't even remember her name. She was really nice, though.

Also, stalkers are romantic. Especially the kind of dysfunctional relationship that Bella and Edward have.

Perhaps Hari can avoid that by not dating someone who thinks of herself as clumsy.

Having no experience with dating, he watched a bunch of RomComs on Netflix and took notes, going on the assumption he could pick up on Western dating rules that way. He has copious notes and has composed a checklist.

Nothing could possibly go wrong there, could it?

In a related note, Axe sales near the school shoot through the roof as the dance approaches.

At first I thought you meant that people were actually stockpiling axes.

And yes, I'm commenting. I hope others do, too.

At first I thought you meant that people were actually stockpiling axes.

I had exactly the same reaction, which made me really wonder about the dance traditions at this school...

I had it too, and I ran the game. It took me a few minutes to connect it to the discussion we had about Axe cologne.

It's a superhero universe. You can never be too careful.

Until an extraterrestrial cyborg takes over the supercomputer in your cave and turns all your plans against you, of course. Then you find out how much you stored on paper.

"Um, Hari? That's not a toe."

Suddenly I'm wondering about ESP and other body parts. I mean, you can position the ESP focal point so you can see or hear--the eyes and ears are fairly well centralized. But touch...is it your hand? Or some other body part? "I have kinesthetic ESP but only in this spot on my hip." "oh, I can feel it, but only on my tongue. It'll feel like I'm sticking my tongue on that oil slick."

Which is why so many espers refuse to use the that sense...

This all continues to be quite entertaining. Thanks for posting!

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