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During the coffee buzz, Hari got very vocal about how wonderful pockets are. I think his clothes may end up looking like they were drawn by Leifeld...

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Pouches! More pouches, and a pistol the size and shape of a lunchbox...

I'm pretty sure that should be Peet's, not "Pete's". Peets is actually an SF Bay Area chain (it was founded in Berkeley) and predates Starbucks (according to the Wikipedia article, Starbuck's actually bought coffee beans from Peet's when it was starting out!).

==Hari made sure to take the dreamy clone Bailey with him but since the clone was aging Hari tossed him into the universe his people use to store food; it has no time dimension so the clone will stay exactly the same forever. Hari is pretty sure people don't experience any weird other dimensional analog of duration when they are sent to the larder, although he's never tried it himself.

Hari's probably also pretty sure nobody from the home pocket dimension is going to mistakenly withdraw d.c.Bailey from the larderverse and try to cook and eat him, under the impression that he is some sort of people-flavored tofu lookalike product...

--Dave, because that would be Wrong

Say, how it is Administration hasn't noticed they have two copies of the kids waiting for detention? More evidence Adults are Useless in the world outside Kumarinadu.

I suspect they have, and that is why your group was dealt with so leniently.

And they have a Cunning Plan to return or rehabilitate-and-return those kids. (Like a catch-and-release program.) But parents will be coming to get (some of) them, and hilarious hijinks will ensue. I'm not sure we'll play it out, though.

That would be a one-line mention in an episode that takes place entirely off-campus. "School closed today for clean-up after the fight with the Pryde Academy parents, so you get to go to x." Yes, the episode entitled "Field Trip" where you go accidentally trash the AGO and the ROM.

Are Evil Parents evilily clueless, too?

And if evil, wouldn't abandoning their children like cookoo's eggs to the society of an alternate dimension be just their style?

Which is why I figure only some of them come to rescue their kids.

On the other hand, you can make the argument that Pryde Academy (which has a known high death rate for students) makes them sign a waiver or something--"If your child dies instead of becoming a supervillain, you agree to hold Pryde Academy blameless, because it only means your mewling spawn was not strong enough intellectually, spiritually, or physically. And if you signed this, we have our doubts about you, too."

If you send your kid to Pryde Academy, maybe you don't want them back....

When this happens, is there a lineup or what? So when the kid, the kid's clone, the kid's antimatter universe duplicate, and the kid's time travel echo are all in detention together, which one(s) go home with Mom?

I can only imagine there's some cherry-picking going on. "Hm, I like the one in the silk jacket. I've been trying to get Bobby to dress better for years."

Though there is some amusement value to them becoming students at Hope Prep, and you can only tell which is which because some versions have inhibitor collars until they've been treated like Dr. Bailey.

Okay, you're 15 or 16 and you suddenly discover a pretty much identical twin. Sure, he or she has some habits like attempting genocide that are unpleasant, but think of the other things you could get away with if you worked together.... The Parent Trap this isn't.


There are far -FAR- to many *Squick* time-lines originating from this to not cause a cthuloid version of Dr Who to rise up from the depths in his Tardismonicon and reset the enter paniverse.

Agreed. I won't be doing it.

Well, I might do it for one character.

It also turns out "it was my evil twin from a parallel dimension!" is on par with "my dog ate my homework" as an excuse at Hope.

Everyone has that happen! If you can't deal with little things like that you're never going to make it as a superhero.

5: The similarities have had one interesting side-effect so far, which is that people have thought both had abilities only of them actually has.

Specifically, I seem to recall one of the reasons nobody retrieved Rumspringa from their hole in the ground is because people expected Rumspringa to teleport out; teleportation is Hari's thing, not the angel's.

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Excellent. That's my excuse, rather than PC Aura.

Shape Light is also on my to-buy list. TK + Create/shape light + ESP = the next best thing to bilocation.

As long as you don't stray into Illusions territory. In that case, you'll have to pay the stunt Determination or for that power instead.

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