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Lifted from a thread over at
NK Jemisin asks

“Does epic fantasy have to be set in the past, or use bygone technology?”

Which gave me an amusing idea I haven't worked out what to do with yet:

You know what would be an epic stage for an epic fantasy? A Dyson Shell! [snip the specific model I had in mind]
(Magic comes in because obviously you can’t built a shell given real world constraints on materials…)

Also posted at Dreamwidth, where there are comment count unavailable comment(s); comment here or there.

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Linda Nagata's Memory is basically high fantasy on a Niven Ring, but with science-fictional quadbikes istead of horses.

It's really weird but magical fairy dust nanotech never strikes me as fantasy.

Isn't this a colorary to Clarke's 3rd Law? Any magical fairy dust nanotech which is indistinguishable from magic is magic?

So is World of Warcraft SF because some of its elves entered the setting in a spaceship?

Elves? Or were their part goat? I can't remember anymore.

I thought the other elves came from the space ship and the goat elves came from the ground, like potatos?

I think the guys with the hooves and crossbows came from the space ship but it has been a long time since I played. I have been through three MMORPGs since then.

I have hit the point where I am tired of them.

The *male* elves spent a few thousand years asleep/astral projected into the realm of dream, and got woken up recently. Prior to that, as far as anyone knew, the nightelves were a one-gender race of non-reproducing immortals. The goat people crashed a stolen magical spaceship into azeroth.

The draenei are capriform, with tentacles, and are descended from the same Outland inhabitants that the The Broken NPCs are, the Eredar. If I recall right. Their spaceship got away from The Burning Legion, through various dimensions, and phased in and crashed on a couple of islands in NW Kalimdor that were then important enough to add to the map...

--Dave, they also all have Russian accents

It was the Draenei that I was thinking about. I had forgotten the tentacles.

The draenei came in a spaceship, not the elves.

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