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"Someone else I can compare him to: he is the anti-Lovecraft in the way he presents things that look familiar that aren't"

So Lovecraft's shtick was prsenting things that looked horribly alien but were actually all too familiar? :)


That books sounds right up my alley. I've just ordered a copy myself, and am looking forward to reading it.

Thanks for the informative review!

I have just read it. That was awesome. One thing you didn't mention was that it's jam-packed with various SF ideas along the way, as the "SF stories with story" allows a diverse array of stuff. VR, uploading, deep time, new launch to orbit, AI cognition...

"there's a model for a specific demographic decline provided in the final sections that I can reject as the robot getting it wrong due to her inhuman thought processes."

Might not be wrong, so much as an added factor to existing endogenous decline. Real birth rates area already falling but I've imagined that a choice between "human baby who shits and may die" and "Brin 'Lungfish' style robochild who's immune to colic and immortal" will not increase the demand for poop machines. (Though the availability of robot maid labor might.)

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