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Wednesday Night Icons
A dinner date goes wrong, and Peerless walks away with a stack of determination points.

On a previous occasion, Peerless had noticed noted chemist Mrs Curry (?) was using make-up to conceal her age. What made it interesting rather than the sort of vanity lesser people are prone to is that she was making herself look older. As Samuel Saxon, he made a dinner date with Curry (despite knowing there'd probably be consequences with Josephine. Or maybe because he knew there'd be consequences. Nothing says romance like a death trap [1]) but Curry never showed. Wondering if something had gone wrong, he hopped into his Jaguar XKE and headed over to Curry's chemical factory, which turned out to be on fire.

While Peerless was carefully parking his car far away from the fire and taking time for a thrilling Peerless dons his costume! sequence, the members of Halifax's resident team of supers, possibly the worst funded superhero team in Canada, were already on site. The fire department wasn't; the facility predated certain regulations about access and the trucks were having trouble getting down the road. On arriving, the team had been told that seven people were missing, and given rough ideas about where these people might be.

Although Peerless rushed as quickly as he could, taking the need for a thrilling Peerless dons his costume! sequence into account, Curry was long dead by the time he found her in her burned out lab. Oddly, she wasn't burned but aged and wrapped in thorns.

The Mighty Absorbo and Mole Man rescued three workers from the factory (with a certain amount of hilarity when Absorbo turned himself in O2 to give one ailing worker more O2 to breathe). Weather Witch spent time bringing down the rain; good for the fire fighting, not so good for the trucks, although I don't think any got stuck. A watchman was retrieved from where he'd collapsed and two people from a control room where they ditto.

Peerless managed to get burned looking for Curry but rather than admit this and let Mole Man heal him, he decided to tough it out.

Peerless makes an educated guess that Curry was a member of an old time team called the Golden Agents, the one known as Curious. Peerless decides to share this with the kids because god knows they aren't going to figure this stuff out without him. While he's sharin his wisdom with them and even letting them talk sometimes, the rest of the Golden Agents show up and since they are a bunch of senile old has-beens who cannot be bothered to keep up with the new supers, they immediately attack the team on the grounds that the first people they see have to be bad guys.

Weather Witch does a good job of convincing the Hellion that the Hellion not only has met the Witch before but actually worked with her; the fact that this actually works shows how little grasp on reality these sad relics have left.

Peerless knows the Golden Agents will know him once they see him; he's Peerless! Despite knowing this and despite the fact he could just calm everyone down, he steps up to John Q. Public, greets him with a cheerful insult before jogging the old fellow's memory with a Glasgow Kiss. An angry Public, clearly in the grips of senility, starts ranting about how he always knew Peerless would go evil.

Sadly, Peerless misses the chance to really put the boots in because the Agents learn that Curious is dead; heartbroken, they leave.

Absorbo has stability issues and since he was working his way up through the periodic table towards U235, he decided to leave to restabilize. The rest of the group decided to look for clues (I don't recall if Peerless was the only one who had the actual skill investigate but I'm sure they have decent stats).

The door to the lab had been ripped off, indicating enhanced strength. The thorny vines recalled an old criminal named Deadly Orchid; she hasn't been seen in years. On the wall, someone has spray-painted "Sins of the Past". On the wall is an odd hand print that the Witch recognizes as a chimpanzee print. Checking around, the group finds a cannister labelled LXVT; no clue what that could be.

Deadly Orchid belonged to a group that used to go up against the Golden Agents all the time. Called the Sin Dikat, the group's core members were a necromancer named Ghoul, someone named Widowmaker, a tech type called Dr Dagon and someone called Gremlin. Like Deadly Orchid, none of them are players anymore.

At this point four women gate in, looking for the cannister which by their dialog they managed to miss when they took other XLVT cannisters. The group consists of someone calling herself Miss Fortune, a woman in powered armour calling herself Widowmaker II, a blue, techy woman called Tesseract and a spooky woman in a cloak called the Wraith.

Tesseract Miss Fortune shoots the Witch. Miss Fortune Tesseract attacks Mole Man. No doubt recognizing him as the greater threat, the Widowmaker and Wraith go after Peerless; I think Wraith missed but Widowmaker didn't. Happily a light fixture collapsed at just the right moment to protect Peerless from the shot, given Peerless a chance to use the heavily armoured Widowmaker as a bludgeon on the Wraith, who then decided to take a nap.

No doubt inspired by Peerless' example, the Witch called lightning and blew her opponent out of the room. This gave Peerless an idea and he ripped down one of the overhead, sparking cables you always find in setting like this to check if Widowmaker thought to insulate her armour; turns out, not so much.

Seeing things were going against them, Miss Fortune used her ability to manipulate probability to knock a couple of the kids down, then she, Widowmaker 2 and Miss Fortune legged it, leaving Wraith behind. The kids recognized Miss Fortune's voice; the last time they met her, her hair was a different colour, she was calling herself Destiny and she was a member of (a team whose name I forget).

The group then decided to head to their HQ, an affordably priced boat in the habour.
Each person travels in their own way: Peerless in his Jag, Mole Man in the group's white panel van, and Weather Witch in her Miata (Absorbo used his bus pass). Peerless makes a mental note that not only do these guys need the guidence of an older, calmer person, they probably could use access to some of his Atlantean gold.

As it turns out, Absorbo is dating one of Miss Fortune's ex-team-mates, a pyrokinetic named Scorcher, so he calls her in to see if she has any useful information; outraged that a hero would date a known criminal, Peerless offers Absorbo some unsolicited advice at this point. Scorcher isn't the most observant person on the planet but she can say that Destiny has been dodging her; apparently criminals object to their pals dating the cops.

Tesseract is Doctor Dagon's daughter. Who Widowmaker 2 is is not known but the group does find out she only kills men. Although Mole Man suggests maybe the whole group is from the future, this turns out not to be the case.

The Witch constructs a magic circle to contain Wraith so the group can question her. What we learn is that she was being paid in the opportunity to drain lives; she and someone named Bramble killed Curry. She and the others were working for someone but she has been geased not to say who. Once she is done answering questions, the Witch binds the Wraith into (a pen, I think).

The XLVT turns out to be Exilir Vitae, a hard to make material that grants extended life (Peerless knows the Black Rose once said she had some but although he has her on speed dial didn't get around to calling her).

The Golden Agents were kind enough to invite the group to Curious' funeral, which everyone is planning on going to. The Witch will be busy afterwards; a reporter wants to meet with her to give her information too important to say on an unsecured line. There's no way that can end badly....

Peerless began the session with 4 regular Determination points and 7 from his probability control. By the end, he had 6 from probability control and 7 in the regular pool; truly the power of conceited rudeness is awesome.

1: Well, J has a code against killing so just a hurt a lot trap.

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Absorbo is dating one of Miss Fortune's ex-team-mates, a pyrokinetic named Scorcher,

Having previously dated Scorcher's team mate and friend, Princess. I'm sure that bit of personal history will never come back to haunt Absorbo and his friends.

Obviously Absorbo's going for the hat trick, dating all three..

The adventure has Sin-Dicate but I like yours better.

Currie's superhero name was Madame Curious. Typo on Gremlin, though now I wopnder if AMC would have lasted if it had also sponsored superheroes.

Weather Witch skipped the funeral to research binding the Wraith.

The Black Rose said she had the formula for it, not the Elixir itself. She stole it from the Warlock, Earth's Sorcerer Supreme, and wasn't it an adventure when Warlock decided to come after her and punish her for her transgression and you had to protect her. Ah, youth...

(They also found out that Earth's Sorcerer Supreme is a bad guy who keeps out the dimensional invaders because he doesn't want them moving in on his turf.)

Oh, and you have attackers reversed: Miss Fortune shot the Witch, and Tesseract went for Mole Man. Had to prove she was the better martial artist, you see.

Ran away as soon as they started losing. They still want that canister, but since it's in the possession of the PCs, I'm sure there will be no further attempt to get it.

Oh, and the Sin Dikat also had a talking gorilla mob boss, Big Julie Caesar.

Because nothing says Golden or Silver Age like a talking gorilla!

This was great fun to read. Thank you for sharing it.

([info] is squishing the actual comment section of my recent comments page into a space 50-odd characters wide.

Re: Great fun

It's what now? I don't understand what you mean. I do not see anything being squished anywhere.

On LJ, people can read the latest comments on their LJ using something called Manage Comments, which will display the N most recent comments (where N can be 25, 50 or 100). The names of the commenters are displayed in a left-hand column, with their comments in a right-hand column. It's never come up before but long names, like, don't wrap. The result is the name column is very wide and the comment text column is somethat narrow.

Edited at 2011-06-16 03:44 pm (UTC)

a chance to use the heavily armoured Widowmaker as a bludgeon

which let Peerless use his Expert Martial Arts and Weapons (Improvised).

And, having just reread the power description, the Probability Control pool will reset to 7 for the start of next session, since it resets like other determination (that is, up to a minimum value if necessary at the start of each session).

Oh, I lose the extra determination I got in the regular pool? Incentive to use what one has, I guess.

No, you get to keep extra. But if your Determination is below your starting value (3 for personal determination, 7 for your power pool), you get brought up to that level. So next session you'll have 7 in your power pool and 7 in the regular pool.

And having a presumably-evil lifedraining spirit bound into a pen is a pretty good sign that there's going to be at least one Evil Lawyer (or possibly a banker) on the other side of the brouhaha and/or surreptitiously-sneaky stealing in the next little bit, right?


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