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Bones: Whichever one it was
How many people looked at the drawing of the chupacabra and thought "gorgonopsid"?

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I look at my Cornish Rex kitty and think, small evil chupacabra...

However many have recently played FF13?

Really? I've never played any FF...

Whoops. Didn't realize it was a real-world reference, too.

chupacabras are bipedal though... bipedalism tends to immediately rule out "looks similar to prehistoric MurderHippos" in my books.

Maybe it rears on its hind legs to pounce and surviving artists misinterpreted that?

I wonder how many looked at that post and thought "chupqueso"?

It is now late enough that I may start cooking supper.

When I hear "gorgonopsid" I think of the Dresden Codak alternate prehistory piece. We are terribly nerdy people to find this funny.

Worst rot13 EVAR.


gah, that was supposed to be a direct reply to James. But ++ for Dresden Codak as well.


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