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Wednesday Night Icons
Our D&D GM was out so we had a fill-in ICONS session.

The current roster (27 yr old Weather Witch, 38 yr old Mole Man, 16 yr old Streamline and 21 yr old the Mighty Absorbo! plus the MA's "reformed" ex-supervillain girlfiend 18 yr old Scorcher) were sent off to a small town to investigate the strange death of teenager Jacob Crowe, who was found more or less crucified by a corn field. The reason the small town cops called the team in wasn't because of the Weird Crap angle - which had not yet appeared - but because it's a small town and none of them want to be the ones to arrest a friend or a friend's kid. The whole thing looks like a stupid prank gone wrong;Crowe was beaten up before being tied up on what was the support for a scarecrow but it's not clear what killed him.

A note about Scorcher: it's really not clear how reformed she is. One of her problems is an immense dissatisfaction that she cannot fly (but her brother can). She also hears voices and it seems like fairly good odds its the ghost of the Mighty Absorbo screwing with her for the LOLZ.

Streamline heads on ahead while the others follow in a white panel van (And I don't even think our budget stretches to a team van; I think this was the Mighty Absorbo's van); Streamline uses the time to take a close look at the scene of the crime. Although the cops messed it up recovering Crowe's body, Streamline is pretty sure three people tied Crowe up. The tracks lead to a road, where Streamline loses the trail.

Once the rest of the crew shows up, Weather Witch gets a mystic vibe off the corn field.

A flying figure is spotted overhead; this proves to be Evil Eagle, Mole Man's arch enemy. He doesn't actually do anything evil but Mole Man plays it safe, burrowing underground to foil any dive bombing attempts. Evil Eagle flies away.

The autopsy of the kid, which the Witch sits in on (being a doctor and all), fails to come up with a cause of death.

Streamline turns out be a good researcher; he hits the local records and discovers that the corn field was a hill until the day in 1951 when Mr. Mystic and the Laughing Skull fought it out to see which of them was North America's foremost mage. Mr. Mystic won; with his magic ruby drained, the Laughing Skull retired, found Jesus, wrote a book and turns out to be living in a retirement community in Ontario.

Mr. Mystic retired in the 1960s and was gunned down soon after by an assassin who was never caught.

Streamline zips off to Ontario to borrow Wendel "The Laughing Skull" Ferguson's ruby; the team discovers that it's just paste. The assumption is that at some point someone stole it and replaced it with a fake but this was never verified.

Ferguson thinks the field would be imbued with magic; killing someone next to it was probably a bad idea. The team makes a note to find out where the corn from the field has been sold over the years but this was never followed up on during the session (and I am sure if the magic corn from a field tainted by a battle between evil mages was going to have an effect, it would have).

Talking to Crowe's family and friends points the group in the direction of a silo Crowe used to use; there's a hiding place there with a notebook but unfortunately in an attempt to make his girlfriend feel like part of the team, the Mighty Absorbo has Scorcher AKA Set Things on Fire Girl, recover the book. This ends badly.

Happily a screaming voice from a nearby field precludes recriminations; this proves to be a local bully who is being attacked by crows and animated corn. Somehow in the ensuing scuffle that follows, the field is set on fire (I think MA had Scorcher nuke him so he could turn into living flame) but the kid is rescued without suffering any harm the group's healer cannot fix.

At this point Streamline takes firm hold of the idiot ball and he suggests to Scorcher that she see if she can absorb flame as well as generate it. She's intrigued and gives it a shot; it's only after she starts glowing with the heat of a sun and grows to three times her previous height that it occurs to Streamline that maybe having her draw power from burning evil magic corn was a bad idea.

When Streamline asks if she is possessed, Scorcher replies "WHY DO YOU ASK, PUNY MORTAL?"

Happily it turns out she's just drunk with power and once she burns it off by flying around, she's as OK as she ever was. She is pretty depressed about having tasted real power and then losing but certainly this can have no bad consequences down the road.

The bully is of course one of the three who attacked Crowe.

The penny drops at this point and Streamline finally realizes that it's not a coincidence the scarecrow from the field where Crowe died keeps showing up.

Streamline zooms off to see if the scarecrow is in the last place that he saw it but is distracted when he sees a truck being swarmed by crows. He manages to blast the crows off the truck with his slipstream but the driver then manages to run into the pumps of a gas station; Streamline is unimpressed. The fire is (mostly contained).

The driver of the truck is of course the second bully.

The group heads to the home of the third bully, where the scarecrow, animated by Crowe's consciousness, has tied up the third kid and is preparing to set the two of them on fire. A combination battle/therapy session ensues; the Mighty Absorbo is in fact a pretty persuasive guy and he manages to talk Crowe down, pointing out that life as a superhuman, even one made of straw (magic regenerating straw), can be pretty sweet. MA also points out that while the bully may have it coming, the animals in the barn don't and they would die too once the barn is on fire.

Having some idea of how Scorcher deals with setbacks, the group keeps an eye on her; she was certaily looking for an excuse to torch things but she never got it. Well, except I think she burned some evil corn but everyone was doing that. Actually, I see from my notes she walked in just as the scarecrow was talked down and nuked him; that was how we found out he can regenerate.

Anyway, it was at least a technical victory, property damage was contained and there's every chance the group has not laid the seeds for a terrible disaster down the road.

I am guessing Streamline gets to deal with all the paper work after cases are resolved.

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Which includes what Evil Eagle was up to.

I am *so* adding him - I like the way he thinks.

The implication is that it's Mole Man's van. The players had some discussion about the contents and design of the van--MA was pushing for an interior rather like a 1970s "love van" and Mole Man wanted something a bit more like, well, a van.

That's because the Mighty Absorbo is the Mighty Absorbo and Mole Man is an actual adult.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Adult Dating and Ebooks

Aw, it's a set of ads! How cute.

Let's combine them: AdultPal Ebooks: Fictional People, Fictional Sex. For pornography that has even less editing than your average Juggs centerpiece.

Careful not to get any secretions on your Kobo!

So, soon the team may have Straw Man along as well?

Dave "I think we're not in the comments section any more" DeLaney

I love these write-ups. I also like the observations about the game system.

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