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Am I misreading this?
Centauri Dreams reports on discussions about whether ETI can notice us:

So what would it take for an extraterrestrial civilization to notice us? Seth Shostak is on the record as saying that within a few hundred light years, clues to our existence could be picked up with an antenna the size of Chicago. Benford’s analysis shows that building such an antenna, given what we know of the present value of building an installation like the Square Kilometer Array, would run up a cost comparable to the entire GNP of planet Earth. If ETI were at our level of development, then, its entire science budget would be consumed by the project.

So basically anyone around our level of development, too poor and backward to present a threat, probably won't see us, meaning that anyone who does see us will likely be far more developed and with much deeper pockets than humanity circa 2011?

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Re: "Eavesdropping: The Radio Signature of the Earth," a Golden Oldie

Apparently, if you drive around Alaska with a spectrum analyzer on the front seat of your car, nobody stops you.

This is awesome.

Re: "Eavesdropping: The Radio Signature of the Earth," a Golden Oldie

I was going to reply that in most of Alaska there's nobody there TO stop you, but then I realized you can't drive your car around in nearly all of Alaska either, so I suspect that part cancels out.


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