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So, I have this memory thing
I don't recall if I have done the latest iteration of habitual actions or not [1]. This means, for example, I will usually check to see if I have locked my front door two or three times before I walk away from the house. Shaving my head is the sort of thing I forget if I've done or not.

In fact, I was pondering if I needed to shave it tonight when I remembered that last night was actually a fairly memorable shave, because I learned something valuable.

My electric razor needs to be cleaned out after each use and I couldn't recall if I'd remembered to do that the last time I used it or not. In fact I seem to have but what I didn't remember to do after checking and before pressing it to my head was to re-attach the razor part, so just after I thought "That sounds wrong" I then discovered what it feels like to press three small rapidly rotating axles into my scalp.

It was not a soothing massage.

On the plus side, I do actually remember it.

1: Also I remember paying my phone bill at Rogers and the stuff I bought at Zehrs implies I got from one to the other but I don't recall doing that either.

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I live in a perpetual irrational fear of somehow locking my motorcycle's keys in its trunk, even though tossing the keys into the trunk is a ridiculous thing that I'd never even think of doing. But every time I slam the trunk shut, I have a brief moment of panic where I pat myself down to make sure that I'd pocketed the bike's keys before closing the trunk.

Even if I did somehow manage to shut my bike's key in the trunk, all I'd need to do is pop home and find the spare key to liberate it. I'm not sure what exactly I'm so bothered about.

Which is why the rule is, everytime I lock a vehicle from the outside, I must have the keys for that vehicle in my hand before the door closes. Metal clasped in fingers, or it doesn't happen.

... i've done it occasionally anyway when distracted on exiting by the need to pick up a lot of stuff before getting out of the car; a hand full of random stuff might or might not contain keys and sometimes I am wrong about whether it does.

Humans are really quite pathetic at this sort of thing.

I live in a perpetual irrational fear of somehow locking my motorcycle's keys in its trunk...

I have the same fear. I simply carry two sets of keys to my vehicle and house. It is possible for me to lock myself out, but I always have a solution to this problem near at hand.

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