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Breaking one of my guidelines
Generally once I've banned someone I try not to mention them but the comments that I assume led to this essay are just so very special.

Note 1: Ta-Nehisi Coates is not the person I banned and it is not his comments to which I refer.

Note 2: The Glen Beck: Heir of MLK thing was mentioned in the context of WS using Malcolm X's corpse as a hand-puppet.

Note 3: You need javascript on to see the comments.

Is this part of some sort of larger bid to get fewer people to go to Readercon?

Either you misunderstood me and thought I was talking about inviting WS, or you think Ta-Nehisi Coats would discourage people from attending, or some third option I can't understand (sarcasm?). Can you clear that up? Then I can answer your rather odd question.

I thought you were talking of inviting WS.

Ah. No. The person I was responding to wrote a comment in praise of Coates, so the "him" in question was implicit in my response to that particular comment.


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