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How many people in China does Paolo Bacigalupi knowingly want to know?

Over a billion
A billion
Hundreds of millions
Tens of millions
Hundreds of thousands
Tens of thusands
Some other option (see comments)
I would like to complain about this poll

The answer may shock and surprise you! Or not.

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You forgot "Who is Paolo Bacigalupi, and why should I care what he thinks about China's population level?"

I understand he is a very friendly guy.

"I'm such a liar. I'm not proud of it, but I'm a great liar when I travel. I smile and lie and things are smooth. Every once in a while I don't just lie to smooth the way, I lie for fun."

Let me tell you, that's a guy heavily invested in the concept of friendship.

Aiiee! Where is the memetic prophylactic tag for that link? Or does "Bacigalupi" already imply that?

Any western SF author writing about China generally comes with an implied MPR warning. India, too.

This is where Carlos supports my thesis by linking to Benford talking about those two nations.

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Ew ew ew. Do you have any recommended solvents for clearning condescension oozing out of the screen into the laptop keyboard? I really need some.

Ew ew ew ew.

I think a better question might be, "How many people on earth does Paolo Bacigalupi knowingly want to know?"

I think the best question is, "How many people on earth knowingly want to know Paolo Bacigalupi?"

Answer: I don't know, but probably less than there were before James posted this.

(x) He only knowingly wants to know people who think just like him.

Cats. How many *cats* does he want to know? That's the important question.

Surely the more important question is "How many cats knowingly want to know Paolo Bacigalupi?"

Unless you're talking about "know" in the biblical sense I am uninterested in this man's opinion.

(Deleted comment)

And how many do you want to know? Round up. Or down. Whatever.

Now there's at least one American I knowingly don't want to know.


Did he ingest a massive overdose of douche powder recently or something? I seem to remember him as a reasonably good writer, but that memory is fading rapidly.

Did he ingest a massive overdose of douche powder recently or something?

No doubt the fault of a cold and heartless Chinese cook.

As an optimist, I naturally assumed he wanted to know everyone in China. Then I found out it was published and Salon, and realized he must hate everybody.

One thing occurs to me: given that he admits he lies, that in fact his story is about lying. How do we know he actually met the one guy willing to comiserate with him on how horrible the Chinese people are? In fact, how do we know that any of his story is true?

I think the part where he's proud of being a total dick is probably true.

I wonder if this cheerful willingness to lie to please people he actually dislikes is somehow reflected in his writing: IIRC, he told someone he _deliberately_ sent solar, nuclear, etc. power to the cornfield when setting up his future dystopias. Which means, he is essentially _lying_ to his readers, presenting a future he knows is an impossibility so he can give them a good dystopic misery-wallow. There's a certain contempt for the audience there, or so it seems to admittedly paranoid little ol' me.


Writers are liars.

That's the job description -- telling lies for fun and profit.

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Isn't it part of Bacigalupi's allure that he "knows Asia"? privy to the innermost thoughts of those wily foreigners whom no man has previously understood?

Or is it just the externalized granola-flavored depression?

Hmm, is he the East Asian counterpart to the guys?

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