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When a right of reply goes wrong
In general my view is if I review something, the author can reply to that review here, even if (especially if) they take exception to my comments. If I don't want the writer here, I try not to mention their books, at least specifically.

I think this is the first time I've had an imposter show up masquerading as the actual author.

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That was freakin' hilarious. :D

If one can go by service provider, which of course one cannot, it's someone in CO. They also could have seen that that was a usenet post from the site but on the off chance they didn't, any obvious ex-Usenet suspects in CO?

Being in Colorado a number of people I dislike have leaped to mind (including an idiot who wanted to date me before I brought him up short when I got disgusted with his crowing about the impending failure of the dollar, etc.) as having the right mindset for such a foolish act, but I'm not aware that any of them were on usenet.

Many points to Mr. Schulman for graciousness in pointing out the imposture!

Being able to respond well to a bad review seems like a more noteworthy achievement than getting a good review.

In this super futuristic year of 2010, you'd think most people would realize that the actual famous people they're impersonating are already on the 'net, guaranteeing they will be caught.

Does remind me of when someone pretended to be Larry Gelbart on because they were unaware the guy posting as "ElSig" really WAS Gelbart. Always good for a laugh.

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