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The fatal flaw
In this cunning idea is that we appear to have hit Peak Sunlight sometime around noon, leaving the prospect of an eternity of cold and dark.

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It's nice to see someone going somewhere with the idea of making the actual roof out of solar panels, rather than a solar panel add-on. It probably won't make huge amounts of electricity, but given enough area, even on a dim day there's probably going to be enough for e.g. the lights (if you use low-energy lamps) or a modest contribution to heating.

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The idea of using the material on vehicles is interesting. While I don't think we'd get the solar-powered car of Science Fiction, it could be useful for trickle-charging the car batteries.

Say for argument's sake that an average one-family house had had 40 square meters of solar paneling.

At 40 degrees north latitude, how much power are we talking? I'm sure someone has done the math...

Doug M.

Between 7 and 19 kilowatts, minus whatever for losses in the steps between sunlight and electricity.

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