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We, who are over 30, need an option to click just so that we can see the results of the goddamned poll.


Actually, if you don't mark any of the options and then click the square thingie at the bottom, you see the results.

Yeah, that's not going to stop me from tickying everything.

No, you can just click on 'submit' without filling in the poll and you'll get to see the results. (You can do this even if the poll contains radio buttons or other seemingly 'required' options.)

If you click on the "Poll#nnnnnn" text you get an option to see the results without voting.

Just click on "Poll #something" and you'll get a set of links above it that lets you view results or look at the comments.

I wish to... ah, never mind.

I am not under 30, and I *used* to regularly read _Asimov's_ and semi-regularly read _Analog_ and rarely read _F&SF_.

James, you need a younger audience.

Initially I misread the poll and missed the under 30 bit. But for the record at the grand old age of 32 it has been at least a decade since I read any of these magazines, as I remember.

Me too. (Well, the misread part, but I blame my senility at age 44)

argh. i misread the under thirty bit.

I'm *in* my thirties, though, and for some reason my brain twinked.

mock away.

I did the same thing, you can change your answers by clicking on the poll link and then the link that says "fill out poll". Untick the boxes and then press submit poll and you'll no longer be listed. It is how I erased my mistake. And if it makes you feel any better of the three people who currently have filled out the poll, two of them are over 30 for sure. Plus me that makes three out of four people misreading this thing so far.

aha. thanks muchly. withdrawn!

[X] I am over 30 and have never read a fiction magazine (any genre).

I am 30, so I'm not sure if I count or not. But I once had subscriptions to them (for maybe a year or two each, at varying times), and now don't.

Actually, this reminds me that my Interzone sub appears to have lapsed in the last few months. I'd been struggling to remember to renew it ever since they started attaching the renewal form to the mag, rather than having a sheet of paper I could put on my To Do pile. Ah well.

Yeah, I wish to complain about this poll because it lacks an option that would contain the result "I am under 30 and I subscribed to or regularly purchased both Asimov's and Analog when I was a teenager."

Do people under 30 even read this blog?

Do people under 0 even read this blog?

Do people under 0 even read?

For slightly over five more months, yes.

Research by trolling is a time-honoured internet technique, of course.

I'm 26.

I wish to complain about this ageist poll.
And my cat wishes to complain about its bias in favour of entities that can read.

What if I'm young at heart or immature?

FWIW, I'm 24 and up to about a month ago regularly devoured both Asimov's and F&SF before I let my subscriptions lapse due to money!fail. I also gave my entire magazine collection, some of it very old, to some teenage boys because the kind of apartments I can afford here don't generally have that sort of space.

I guess what I'm saying is a dearth of under-30s in the subscriber ranks can't and shouldn't be entirely attributed to lack of interest. I'm going to subscribe again, eventually, if they don't fold first.

I had not heard of Analog Science Fiction and Fact in so far as I did not know that that was its full name.

I had not heard of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, as I had no idea that there was a The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

There are, however, other magazines I read regularly.

I'm 25 and voted.... (Regularly read Fantasy and Science Fiction, sometimes read Asimov's and Analog)

when i was a kid (now over 30) my grandmother got me a subscription to Asimov's Science Fiction

You should be happy I've at least read some stuff from Portti, nevermind these completely foreign magazines.

Though apparently my sibling got me a subscription to Analog for Christmas, so I might be reading that one more often than "Hey, someone left a magazine on this table" for a while here.

I know of all of these magazines, but what I don't know is where to find them if I wanted to read them (which I don't, particularly).

I mean, possibly I do, in that I assume Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney carries them, but I've never stumbled across them there, so I can't say for sure.

Oh, and I turned 29 17 days ago.

I'm 54 and have had a subscription to Asimov's since before I was 30. I had a subscription to F&SF during part of that time, but I'm just not that interested in fantasy.

I am 27 as of three days ago and read all three regularly. I don't have a subscription because I like to be able to support my Friendly Local Asimov's, Analog, and F&SF-stocking Store at the same time.

I am a young whippersnapper of 28, and I put that I "rarely" read Asimov's because I was following it for a couple of years a few years ago, then stopped. Never read the other two, but I have heard of them. (Often in the context of how they're dying, to be sure.)

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