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Does this surprise anyone?
Illegal immigrant backs socialist scheme.

Nicked from etumukutenyak

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Not particularly, although the "illegal immigrant" charge chafes yet again.

It's not like he couldn't afford private care, if he'd just take the effort to squeeze a few lumps of coal. Goddamm welfare bum, riding around in his Supermobile

- probably also paid for by the hard-working American taxpayer. And has he ever paid a cent in property taxes on that Fortress of Solitude? And of course his unemployed relatives follow him here, just "coincidentally" coming to this planet out of billions.



Gee, Bruce, you used to be such a good pal of his back when you were appearing in World's Finest Comics...

Who could do surgery on him? Anyway, all you usually have to do is wait for the Red Kryptonite to wear off.

Well, all you need is a red-sun-energy lamp for him to lie under for a while and then he slices like butter. Unfortunately, only supervillains seem to have them.


Never before has the term "illegal alien" been more appropriate.

I'm more than a bit frightened to learn that there was a "The Adventures of Bob Hope" comic book. That made it up to at least issue #15.

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