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Not Safe for Work
Obama cartoon you will not be able to unsee.

From the house-md group (You'll see why)

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Wow, that guy ... is kind of odd.

His series of naked Obama/unicorn paintings aside, he also has a lot of pancake-related art, which I guess ultimately is inspired by Oolong, the rabbit with a pancake on its head (and its own wikipedia page).

How very, very, very odd.

This was even funnier when I realized whose twitterfeed it was on.

I think I like the bear-wrestling one best.

(Deleted comment)
[checks picture] Yes, I thought that had to be the same one. A friend is having a caption contest for it.

I actually find all of the comics featuring Obama on the cover to be just as weird, but I guess I'm underestimating how significant his presidency is to people.

That looks less like Stalin than it does character actor Michael Skewes.

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