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Something your head of state may not have done
Governor General Michaelle Jean guts seal, consumes its heart.

From oh so many places on LJ

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I believe our most recent ex-president probably had Fricassée of Spotted Owl, however.

Nah. He's a Texan. Hot sauce.

No, he isn't. He's from Massachusetts. The man has a "ranch" with neither horses nor more than four or five heads of cattle.

Um. No.

He was born in Connecticut, raised in Houston and Midland, Texas from the age of 2, and I don't believe he has a single connection to my fair state.

As for his not owning horses...that hasn't been a requirement for Texas citizenship for oh, at least a decade.

Agreed. As a Texas liberal said to me, head hanging, "Yes, he's Texan".

But Texans don't necessarily like hot sauce, though it seems to be more common now than it was when I first lived there in 87. Among my circle of friends, the people from New Mexico are the only ones with nerve endings as non-functional as mine.

William Hyde

...the people from New Mexico are the only ones with nerve endings as non-functional as mine.

I got to taste wicked hot New Mexican food in Santa Fe last year. How do they *eat* some of that stuff? There must be no adrenalin left in their (or your) entire bodies!

Owls are notoriously inedible. Maine simile: "Tough as a boiled owl."

That's why the ideal preparation is a fricassée...although I believe the Texas version would be called "chili con tecolote."

Moose or venison chili would be considerably better.

We're finding the whole horrified reactions freaking hilarious up this way.

She came into town a few hours ago so I wandered out to the airport to say hello. I also suspect their heads of state probably aren't trundling around in a Twin Otter.

QE2 has been known to strangle small birds.

Am I the only one who isn't weirded out by this? And I'm the vegetarian... maybe because I saw a similar thing on Survivorman last year, I dunno. People eat seals up there, and from what I've heard the methods of slaughter in this case are not any worse than what we use on cows down here. (Clubbing seals is only done by commercial fur hunters, because you don't get those pesky bullet holes in the pelt.)

So a head of state goes to visit people, they offer her ceremonial food, she eats it. Can you imagine if she'd refused in a situation like that?

It's also pointed out that it was raw meat. How squicky... the reason we cook our meat is to sterilize controversy.

Heh. The reason they eat it raw is to prevent scurvy. It's historically been pretty hard to get oranges in Nunavut.

I'm not weirded out by it at all.

Not only is it a ceremonial thing, it's a currently extremely political ceremonial thing.

Clubbing seals hasn't been done for several years now. They're shot, just as the seals up here are. Well, most of them. Some people, including the guy I supervise, do it the traditional way (standing over a hole for hours, motionless, with a harpoon) from time to time.

(Deleted comment)
This is proof of Canada's awesomeness. We haven't had a head of state who would have done that since TR (who would have been really into it, to the point where people would get creeped out).

As Queen Elizabeth's representative, I hope she said "I may have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart in my stomach of a seal!"

*dead of lulz from random "Speech to the Troops at Tilbury" reference!*

Cheney would have killed it himself.

Only if it was already wounded or in pain; cheney perfidia are nocturnal, denning scavengers but will act as opportunistic predators if there is little risk of injury when making the kill and the prey is easy to catch.

-- Steve cautions naturalists to beware the bite of a cheney, as the saliva contains high levels of bacteria and necrotic products from its scavenger's diet.

You forgot to mention the hazard to any other members of the hunting party . . .

Yeah, you don't want to get between a c. perfidia and an easy kill, even if you're not a threat or nominal competitor.

-- Steve's gotta go read up on Tasmanian Devils now so he can better extend this wonderful metaphor.

I haven't seen any reports that c. perfidia is marsupial.

Sarah Palin would have used power tools.

I just want to know how the Governor of Alaska managed *not* to be there for the photo op. Never mind that it was probably mumble-thousand miles away and in another country - this was just too perfect.

Oh we will probably see her eating the still beating heart of a moose or wolf soon.

While it's still in the animal, too.

Never mind that it was probably mumble-thousand miles away and in another country

I'm sure she could see it from her house.

Up till now I was staunchly anti-monarchist, but that was fairly bad-ass of the GG.


(Deleted comment)
Epic victory.:-)

I think we have done well with some of our GGs, the current one and previous one included.

Not so much the previous one. Clarkson really was snooty and aristocratic. She'd never be caught dead doing what Jean did.

The best part was when she was asked if she was making a point about the European attitude toward the seal hunt, she gave a very diplomatic reply that translated approximately to "Goddamn right I'm flipping them the bird."

Apparently Adrian was a little more laid back than we realized according to the grope and flail...

I do agree GG Clarkson was more formal but I still think she was a class act.

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