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A beige subject line
Will Entrekin on professionalism issues related to editor/writer correspondence.

Wil Shetterly links to the article and offers his views.

A discussion follows.

Nicked from slapfights, your online source of energetic discourse.

I am a little baffled by "If an editor rejects you, the only proper response is to send that editor another submission." That's a response but what if it's clear that that the set of things you will ever write does not overlap with the set of things the editor will ever buy? What are you accomplishing by sending them more work? It just ties the material up for the duration of a rejection cycle.

Digression: How does ownership of the words in letters work again? IIRC the physical document belongs to the person who receives it but who owns the actual words? I know how it works in the UK because of the Diana letters but not how it works in Canada or the US.

[Added later: and how does this apply to email, where there's not really anything physical involved, aside from the medium on which the email is stored?]

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Re: In my uninformed opinion...

At least from early October 1999 to late November 1999 but since my google-fu is weak and google is broken where newsgroups are concenred, it might have been longer.

I do know that your nose was still sufficiently out of joint in Septmber 2000 that you popped up to attempt to rain on the parade when Jo Walton's editor observed that her first book was now a real printed, bound and ready for shipping object.

I note that in that thread you say "but when it comes to what people think appropriate in a newsgroup, my record over the last eight years or so is notably spotty."

Emphasis added by me.

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Re: In my uninformed opinion...

For all that Patrick is Jo's friend, making an announcement on an open usenet forum that a product is available for purchase still seems commercial to me.

Really? In spite of Patrick's comments here, here, and here?

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Re: In my uninformed opinion...

I would say "nothing at all," although I understand other people will disagree with me on this.

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