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A beige subject line
Will Entrekin on professionalism issues related to editor/writer correspondence.

Wil Shetterly links to the article and offers his views.

A discussion follows.

Nicked from slapfights, your online source of energetic discourse.

I am a little baffled by "If an editor rejects you, the only proper response is to send that editor another submission." That's a response but what if it's clear that that the set of things you will ever write does not overlap with the set of things the editor will ever buy? What are you accomplishing by sending them more work? It just ties the material up for the duration of a rejection cycle.

Digression: How does ownership of the words in letters work again? IIRC the physical document belongs to the person who receives it but who owns the actual words? I know how it works in the UK because of the Diana letters but not how it works in Canada or the US.

[Added later: and how does this apply to email, where there's not really anything physical involved, aside from the medium on which the email is stored?]

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Yah, but you know what, sometimes some guy does finally eat brussel sprouts made in a certain way and he likes 'em.

Personally, I always recommend reading the magazine in depth before submitting a short story and there are certainly markets I don't submit to (mainly when their stories are so boring I can't make it through one of them) but my method requires rather more thinking and reading than sending everyone everything no matter what.

Gee! Doing the research to find where the best market for your product? That is just crazy talk.

So why is your reaction to those markets not "Ah, they desperately need me here!"? :-) I mean, "I can do better than that" is widely regarded as a key point in the journey to becoming a writer.

Probably just one of my many character flaws!

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Re: In my uninformed opinion...

Whose method requires what?

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Re: In my uninformed opinion...

Well, the people who send me novellas, non-SF/F/H pieces, who find my address in the SFWA or HWA directory and send me hard copy submissions, the people who send me illustrations, the people who send me reprints (sometimes in PDF form right from Amazon Shorts, etc.), people who write in their cover letters "I know you said in your guidelines you'd rather not see this type of story," people who send in submissions when we are closed to submissions, etc.

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