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You may be a superhero if
You develop a 3 GW power source [1] that can fit in a coat-pocket and it never occurs to you to market it to an energy-hungry world.

You decide to run your amazing power-suit and the device keeping you alive off the same power-source.

It doesn't occur to you that having a back-up power-source on hand would be a very good idea.

1: It's not clear if it's a generator or a battery. If it's a battery, it's one that can store at least 3 terajoules.

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That's a pretty accurate summation, yes.


SCENE: Tony comes home, gets a cheeseburger and proceeds to send his company’s stocks diving faster than a GBU-500 when he announces he’s getting out of the weapons manufacturing business.

Obadiah Stane: Gee, thanks for killing the company.

Tony: No prob.

Obadiah: I hope you aren’t going hippy on me with that freaky medallion.

Tony: Nah, it’s just a miniature fusion plant.

Obabiah: On your chest?

Tony: Yup.

Obadiah: That you built with spare parts and an equipment shop that the Mythbusters would reject?

Tony: Yup.

Obadiah: I don’t suppose you’d consider doing something wild and crazy like, oh, I don’t know, selling it to power the entire free world!

Tony: Nah.

Obadiah: And people are going to call me the villain of this movie.

I don't think it is a fusion reactor, actually. My reasoning is


At least in comics. There's no sign that anything is getting fused. They certainly don't mention any of the standard fusion fuels.

It's probably just tapping the Power Cosmic directly.

Didn't he mention palladium? That made me think it was some sort of cold fusion device (which I guess can be used to generate power in a comic book movie.)

He did. I figure that was what the script-writer was going for.

The big reactor looked fairly much like a Tokamak, though. At least, a tokamak with transparent outer walls.

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