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Vaguely disturbing
I like to think I am aware enough of the ways media try to manipulate my perceptions to resist them. I had a recent proof that this is not true when as I was channel-surfing I came across an older movie that I didn't immediately recognize. My first thought on seeing the lead was that she was chubby for the lead in what was clearly a Hollywood movie. On closer examination I realized that I was watching

Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs.

This means my subconscious expectations for what a female lead should look like have been rewritten since 1991.

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That first is a screen-cap, right? I prefer to compare poster-to-poster, or screen-cap to screen-cap, to cancel the effect of airbrushing.

...Not that it made much difference. :-/

Helen Hunt 1990 vs Helen Hunt 2000 should also work to demonstrate this trend, I believe. However, mentioning HH makes me think of Mad About You and thinking about MAY makes me think of that stupid, stupid plotline about Jamie's horrific transgression against her marriage when some guy kissed her without (as I recall) asking. In an unrelated matter, I do not believe the show had any female writers at that time.

I saw a recent photo of HH in Sunday's paper (Parade magazine?)

She looked unhealthily thin...

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