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Vaguely disturbing
I like to think I am aware enough of the ways media try to manipulate my perceptions to resist them. I had a recent proof that this is not true when as I was channel-surfing I came across an older movie that I didn't immediately recognize. My first thought on seeing the lead was that she was chubby for the lead in what was clearly a Hollywood movie. On closer examination I realized that I was watching

Jodie Foster in The Silence of the Lambs.

This means my subconscious expectations for what a female lead should look like have been rewritten since 1991.

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Yep, they got you good.


I'm more annoyed at my subconscious, though.


My undergraduate degree is in mathematics, and I never had much patience for the "women can't do math" line. Imagine my displeasure when I got into a graduate-level math class and discovered that there was a "women can't do graduate-level math" timebomb installed in my subconscious.

Is your little icon thingy intentional?

It's my generic math-geek icon; it wasn't explicitly chosen from other mathy icons to suggest commentary on limits. Which isn't to say that the irony hasn't occurred to me before.

Well, the statement as given looks like it is not right. I'm just an algebraist,but shouldn't that be for x _less_ than delta?

If it was the limit at delta, yes. This, however, is the limit at positive infinity.

'How It Works' (care of XKCD) comic #385

Funny, I was just looking at this post in vintage_ads the other day...

Note the presence of thighs on the model.

Jodie Foster... "chubby"?

Wow, this is what I get for not having television for a few years. Apparently actresses these days are starving to death?

That first is a screen-cap, right? I prefer to compare poster-to-poster, or screen-cap to screen-cap, to cancel the effect of airbrushing.

...Not that it made much difference. :-/

Helen Hunt 1990 vs Helen Hunt 2000 should also work to demonstrate this trend, I believe. However, mentioning HH makes me think of Mad About You and thinking about MAY makes me think of that stupid, stupid plotline about Jamie's horrific transgression against her marriage when some guy kissed her without (as I recall) asking. In an unrelated matter, I do not believe the show had any female writers at that time.

I saw a recent photo of HH in Sunday's paper (Parade magazine?)

She looked unhealthily thin...

My reaction too--"chubby?"

Hey, I am more shocked and alarmed than anyone else in this thread. My brain betrayed me.

No wonder I'm bulemic.

'Scuse me, I have to go hork up my lunch now.

And no, this was not in response to your response! No, no. Just in response to societal pressure.

(Yes, I really am.)

Do you mostly, or only, watch or see new material?

ETA: Oh, and this poster, "Fool's Gold," was all over Western Australia when I was there in January. I though the knobby skeleton actress was shocking---felt real revulsion---and apparently she's famous for looking like Death.

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Ecch. I saw that one in the subway stations in Toronto for a bit too. It looks like her head has been photoshopped onto someone else's body.

Not just that. It looks like a hack job between one body shot on top and a different one at a totally different angle on the bottom. I was agast when I saw it. Human bodies don't twist that way _and_ change scale.

Who's approving this shite? I want to shoot either the art directors who put this crap together or the client who demanded it.

Wow, I'll be very happy when people realize that visibly jutting ribs are not sexy, they are a sign of being undernourished. I'm really skinny, but I'm not that skinny.

I'm more than vaguely disturbed. Now i'm wondering how much my perceptions of how women should look like has been warped.

One thing I have been thinking recently is that in action films with female leads, I find myself thinking more and more "you know,she'd look better for the role if she had spent more time increasing her muscle, and less time augmenting her boobs".

It does make one wonder if there would be less call for breast implants if actresses didn't have to be so artifically thin.

In the film version of "Chicago," the change in Hollywood starlet bodies is obvious. In one of Richard Gere's big numbers, the female inmates are all dressed in 1930s style showgirl outfits. They are all so thin and bony that they look more pathetic than sexy. That style costuming was designed for a more lush body. On the other hand, the skinny bodies fit the skanky black leather in the "He Had It Coming" number.

("They say that life is tit for tat, and that's just how I live.
So I deserve a lot of tat for what I've got to give." -- Hot Mama Morton)

"It does make one wonder if there would be less call for breast implants if actresses didn't have to be so artifically thin. "
Breast implants on skinny women doesn't fool anyone. Just look at Victoria Beckham (who reportedly eats only every other day); having a couple of half-beachballs stuck to her chest only emphasises her famine-victim look.

Here, look at Lori Laughlin (top right) in 1995:

and again today:

When I saw her on Summerland, which was a good show two years ago, I thought she had cancer.

I don't think this shows exactly what you think it does. Older actresses have to get skinnier as they get older to successfully present the illusion of youth. That's why the 44 year old Jodie Foster looks younger than the 29 year old Jodie. I'm not convinced that genuinely young actresses are significantly more like famine victims than they were 10-15 years ago. There are just more older actresses successfully hanging on than used to be the case.

Unaltered video will decrease in proportion to camera resolution.

The future will be a great time for animation and radio.

And now that I read this again, I want to change the subject to "Redictions."

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