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Winning friends and influencing people
A publisher that I will not name to avoid improving their google hits has just spammed rasfw with an announcement that --

Say, why should I help an author whose publisher spams one of my favourite groups? Let's Rot13 this --

Qnivq E. Cnyzre'f Genpxvat, gur ybat-qrynlrq frdhry gb Rzretrapr, vf svanyyl pbzvat bhg.

As I recall, Cnyzre's career arc was one promising but flawed novel followed by a nearly unreadable novel followed by nothing for a quarter of a century. Now, I can think of other SF authors with long periods in which they published nothing (Donald Kingsbury took a quarter century off after The Ghost Town, for example) so it's possible that Genpxvat will turn out to be a work of genius. Pity his publisher decided to poison the well by spamming.

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Re: I am woefully under-read, sigh.

This brings up the delicious sfnal possibilities of a world in which French literary theory and Lacanian analysis are actually part of a secret DGSE intelligence project; as Jacques Lacan so wisely said, the unconscious mind is structured like a language.

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