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Just in time for Christmas
Science for Girls

Nicked from supergee

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Oddly, I have just been looking on eBay for a Palm of a sufficiently old model that my niece can take it to school without her parents worrying about her being mugged. The reason why I am doing this is that some months back I got handed niece's friend's new pink-and-Barbied "pda" to fix when it refused to work properly. After declaring it something that needed to go back to the shop for an exchange, I then got out my Palm IIIxe -- which is old and boringly grey, but as niece rapidly noticed, does a lot more things than the Barbie one does. *And* it connects to the big computer to download more stuff, which the Barbie one doesn't.

Guess which one she wants for Christmas. I'm proud of her. :-)

Palms of sufficient age are often found in surplus shops--I know that XSCargo locally was selling Palm IIIx and IIIxe for about thirty bucks each. (That's where I got mine.)

I may need to go for a slightly more modern one just to get a USB-enabled one, but even those are pretty cheap on eBay now.

Either that, or buy a TX for me, and give her my IIIxe and its serial/USB cable...

Heh. Isn't that how tech buying works? You buy the spiffy new thing you're dying for, and you pass on your still-working old one to a relative who doesn't have one yet.

That's right. My brother gives me his cast-off technology. Good thing I really like black and grey and silver :-)

Ha! Excellent!

Back to the microscope example in the linked article: I'd go on ebay and get a real, but beat up microscope. (Though I might buy the "isn't it nifty" kit as a primer - preferably from someplace that carries more gender-neutral sciencey stuff.)

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