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And a librarian, no less, made this error.

*is embarrassed*

I absolutely hate it when this happens to me.

And here's hoping you continue to not be dead for quite some time.

Thirded. But it's not like there's anything out there than can kill him.

If one accepts that "that which does not kill us makes us stronger," James Nicoll is quite possibly the strongest man in North America.

Please do not test this model.

Don't be silly; that's your job.

Didja notice how, to be more consistent with your 19th Century antiquity, a couple of your words acquired old-fashioned hyphens?

Despite his habit of taking credit for something I said more than 70 years after his death, I bear my painter namesake no ill-will. I'd link to his wikipedia entry but alas, it was deleted in wikipedia's ongoing war on information people might actually find useful.
Added to my quote file :)

Be sure to attribute it properly: James Nicoll, 1846-1918.

You do realize that eventually the two men will be historically concatenated, leading to citations of "James Nicoll, 1846-2052," right?

Nah, considering how many times they've gotten this wrong he'll be lucky to get "1961-1918"

My God... James is living in negative time! He's crossed over into the antimatter universe.

If you see two guys named Lazarus wrestling each other, stay away! The fate of two universes depends upon it!

Has it just been the Canadian climate that's kept you so well preserved lo these 89 years, or have you had to resort to more drastic measures?

Given James's general luck, I'd rate as "low" the odds of his refrigeration equipment making it through a single summer without breaking down, let alone 89 of them.


I'd link to his wikipedia entry but alas, it was deleted

To be fair, I'm having a hell of a time finding anything about him in any other sources (and I've got access to a fair number of sources), citations of which I'd need in order to recreate the entry.

I don't suppose he's the guy who edited "Domestic Architecture in Scotland", 1908?

(For that matter, I don't suppose you're the guy who's got patents on tabletop hockey, a magnetic drain stopper, and beach carpet? If not, you share a middle initial.)

You don't understand, Wikipedia is responsible for the internet. For instance, it is completely impossible for James to host the painter's biography in an entry in his own Live Journal.

My LJ doesn't pretend to be an encyclopedia.

No encyclopaedia has to have everything you want in it. The only thing tackier than complaining about the taste of the free ice cream is adding "...and the portions should be bigger!" Stop it.

...and link to one of the other biographies of James Nicoll on the Internet.

Stop it.

When did you become Lord Mayor of Livejournal, exactly?

By the time Mozart was your age, he was dead.

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